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Album: Game Sounds   Collection:General
Artist:Retconned   Added:Jan 2004

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1. Sep 06, 2004: Short Song Marathon 1930-2020
2. May 18, 2004: Cold Clammy Hand of Friendship

Album Review
Captain Dee
Reviewed 2004-05-08
Electronic blips, beeps, and clicks everywhere. Noisy sounds. Most tracks have nonsensical male vocals. Electronic music is usually my thing, but honestly, this is atrocious. It sounds like the singer is trying to be weird without any defined purpose, so it comes off as laughable.

Track by track inside, but most of these sound the same. If anything, I kind of liked 3, and 13 was somewhat interesting.

- Captain Dee (Doug)

1. Sporadic buzzing, start and stop beat.
2. Darker sound, marching-like beat. Cuts off randomly.
3. High pitched modulation, cute electronic noises. Soft robot melody comes in. No vocals, thank god. This is the one likeable track on the album.
4. Beeping, meandering beat, vocal references to Columbine, the Taliban.
5. High pitched squeaking, sparse beat.
6. Loud synth lines. Darker, loopy background lines. Madman vocals.
7. No vocals. Sounds like he recorded a bunch of Metroid sounds and strung them together in a semi-organized way.
8. Droning background, echoed vocals. Drone drone drone.
9. Sparse beat, repeated three note melody.
10. Clicks and blips spill all over the place. Slow beat.
11. Slow pulse, sounds like a broken robot. Short.
12. Unembellished rhythm. Only some modulating electronic effusions.
13. Atmospheric, no vocals. Like what you’d imagine the inside of your computer to sound like. Different sounds come and go. At least this track is actually interesting.
14. Whining background sounds complements whining vocals.

Track Listing
1. Capacity   8. Coptography
2. Grid   9. Tshirt
3. Live at the Driverdome   10. Pyramid
4. Endless Summer   11. Untitled
5. At the Border   12. Impotential
6. Ask God for Money   13. Lead in to Wine
7. Tomorrowville   14. Postcard