Agents of Satan / Old Testament, the
Album: Old Testament, the   Collection:General
Artist:Agents of Satan   Added:Jan 2004
Label:Intolerant Messiah  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-01-29
Oh shit, what a task - 43 Agents of Satan tunes. Well, sure is easier than 70+ Spazz tunes. Anyway, A.O.S., in case you’ve been living under a rock or something - is all about lots of West Bay (Redwood City, San Mateo - y’know?!) pride, lots of green smoke ingested, 40 oz.ers gulped down, and lots of inside references/jokes here but amusing even if you’re not from their uh, “inner circle”. Overall, a funny & fun bunch of “eeeeevil doomridin’ (oops that's "doom rydin’ ”) dankstas.
Related to such not-as notorius acts as: Deadbodieseverywhere, Shedwellaz (ok, THEY'RE notorius), E.T.O., 976 (I think), Plutocracy, Kalmex and the Riff Merchants and even Elephant Man (the one, the TRUE Elephant Man! Not that lame ass reggae act!)...Lots of ‘cookie monster’ vox & silly screamin’ but beyond their goofiness these kids can REALLY play.
Lots of samples from hip-hop, b-movies, Geraldo & Bob Larson-like “Satan-o-xploitation” shows and it’s goes on & on like the Necronomicon..
.(((1))) Spoken intro, definitive gurrrgley/bass-y West Bay Power-violence.
((2)) Noodling DM/grind/PV and lots of FCCs “fuck”, “fucking”, ‘raping your ass’, bitches, et. al...
(((3))) Downtuned, sludge, and unholy mix of Autopsy and Eyehategod & Stikky (?)
(((4))) Hardcore sounding bass, then quick spattering of beats & jumps around with various grooves.
((5)) Drums & lots of ‘sooooooodommmyyy’ and ‘gruuuuuuuggggllglllllllllll” sounds Probably the closest they ever got to sounding like Spazz (or is that vice-versa?)
((6)) Slooooow sluuuudge ‘ala Autopsy
(((7))) Satan-o-xploitation sample and then Oscar the Grouch’s death metal band takes over.
((8)) Funky-ass beats, more mid-tempo, vocal burping & bouncy bass.
((9))) FCC-laden sample (“Cut his fuckin’ throat”) then bass bouncing and guuuuurrrrrrlll boorrrrggggh vox.
((10)) Satan-o-xploitatrion sample #2...Drums, bass noodling, Yog-Soggoth on vocals jamming with a Chthulu’s homeboys.
((11)) Satan-o-xploitation sample #3...More of the style as the previous tune.
(12) Easy-E sample? Most likely like their on rapping via Shedwellaz (FCC’s : ‘fuckin with shed or shit? ’ in the intro sample), somewhere between Dystopia, Spazz & maybe Incantation?
13) Local danksta-hop intro (a few FCCs)
14) Twisted death-metal/sludge & noise rock weird 70’s rock sample at the end. (Oh wait ain’t that Motley Crue’s “Bless The Children Of The Beast”?)
(((15))) Satan-o-xploitation samples....then total grind/death attack. Sounds like a ultra-fucked up version of Repulsion
16) More rhytmic...pounding & bassy
(((17))) Bruuuutal grind/sludge. Silly-ass but great lyrics. I bet the Runhild mentioned here is the bruutalll singing Norsk lass from the band Thorr’s Hammer .
(((18)))) Doom-death/power-violence in a weird sort of way. SLow but groovy. Ramon Salicido plays some killer bass here.
((19)) Typical West Bay power-violence stylee...noisy, warped vox but doomy.
(((20))) One of their BEST ever tunes (and hip-hop intros) EVER. “Evil mics & burning crosses...” Slow, sludgey & grrrrowling & diabolic monkey squeals. FCCs “Fuck” way too many times unfortunately!
(((21))) Total blueprint West Bay Powerviolence (TM, 1995-98) sound. Thudding bass, Spazz like vox, and so on.
(((24))) Thrash riff intro then mixed up mid-tempo to sludge...
(((25))) If Incantion was any fucking good they might sounding like this (that and if they had some budget-ass equipment)
(((27))) Killer fuzz bass from Ramon, again!
(((28))) West Bay Goatcore - ahhhh yesss! Warped death/doom/grind/powerviolence (some FCC’s: Fuck a couple of times)
((29)) Watch that feedback! Ouch! Ultra-lo-fi Powerviolence/death/grind.
((30)) Hip-hop samples waaay low in the mix
((31))) intro’s not FCCs friendly...the rest is a fine mess..
(((32))) More feedback & crushing, 1-2 punch ‘ala early Godflesh (think “Locust Furnace”) by way of demo-era Autopsy.
(((33))) Sample from the nutter from “The Warriors”. Noisy ‘ala Unsane but catchy, too. Lots of FCCs tho’.
(((34))) Awesome bass action...squeally vox...And just :40 sec of sound
((35))) Fucking genius...blast/blast - "You----can eatt caaaake!" That’s it!!!
(((36)) More ‘rock’ like oddly enough. Something like oh..I dunno Black Flag on some fuckin’ Redwood City ‘hood crank?
(((((37)))) More samples from “The Warriors”, pummelling bass. Something like Grief on a ‘happy day’ and playing more uptempo or maybe a metalized version some old Noiseville label band. I love it!
(((38))) More early stuff - sounds more hardcore. Great stuff, here. Just listen!
(((39))) Slow, Godflesh playing in Black Flag’s backyard via some twisted ass ‘other core’ band.
(((40))) Goddamn-totally hateful, bulldozer bass & pummelling attack.
(((41))) Again more h.c. feeling - about uh...’rumproast’. More hardcore/grind bands need to do food songs!
(((42))) Slow, dirgey bass then total wrecking crew of distortion & assorted pissed off jamming
((43))) Sludgey ‘ala later Black Flag or even Flipper (!!!!). Doom on bruthas!

Track Listing
1. Black Scabs   22. Shredded Clitoris and Foresk
2. Rape Your Ass with Drugs   23. Snort Fat Lines of Crank
3. Snowmen   24. West Bay Coalition
4. Red Impulse   25. March of the A.O.S.
5. Goatcore   26. Rape Your Ass with Drugs
6. Pusher   27. Gotacore
7. Unholy Ascension   28. Snowmen
8. H.O.G   29. Red Impulse
9. Crosshairs   30. Vomit Tar
10. Posted   31. Cut Off My Dick
11. Silver in Chist's Comhole   32. Castigo Del Brujo
12. Vomit Tar   33. I Hate You
13. Crust = Glam   34. Ten Pounds of Tots
14. Snatch in Your Eye/Necrotal   35. Cake
15. Raped Priest   36. Toupe'
16. Cut Off My Dick   37. Magic Shell
17. Black Metal Bat   38. After the War
18. Goat Skrote   39. Crackbabies
19. Butcher Knife   40. Buttsweat
20. Agenst no Le$$   41. Rumproast
21. Klawbo Connection   42. Ganstaa
  43. Pot Cookies