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Artist:Various Artists Added:Jan 2004
Label:Hip Hop Slam 

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-01-27 
An excellent collection of political cut-and-paste produced music focused on the Iraq war and dubya’s warmongering. The tracks by Cat Five, Iraq Attack DJs, The Desert DJ’s, DJ Killabush and Guerrilla News Network(GNN) are the results of their obsessive taping of dubya each time he comes near a mic. Mr. Lif, Steinski,, Public Enemy and Boots Riley contribute pieces. The DJs of Mass Destruction cut and paste Jello Biafro on track 27. Lots of gems here, pick one and play.

1) short intro
((2)) Kid koala type turnablism going at Bush’s state of the union address (2003).
((3)) **FCC’s** Mr. Lif enlightens you.
((4)) Dubya vs. Arnie.
5) FCC’s remix of public enemy’s Son of a Bush.
((6)) Happy Ramadan Osama
((7)) Steinski mixes up Bush I and Iraq I. Just as relevant today.
8) **FCC’s**
9) Old time fiddling mixed w/ Dubya
10) Liberate the children. Stripped beats with clips from a conversation on Iraq.
((11)) Clips of news broadcasts put together in and eerie collage.
((12)) remix of cat five’s American Military operations.
((13)) nice gently beats with some spoken word, scratching and blues.
14) weapons of mass destruction. Ends with an *FCC*.
15) Malcolm X sample, nice beats and singing.((16)) Fox news vs. the word Biiiiaaatch. Funny.
((17)) ***FCC’s!*** a radio DJ broadcasting when a bomb is coming to destroy US life as we know it. Anti-FCC stuff, anti-war, anti-mainstream. Funny.
18) ***FCC’s*** Boots Riley mouths off.
19) Mellow atmospheric track, tribal feel. ((20)) **FCC** (at very end) Scratched up samples of a new caster talking about Operation Iraqi freedom, and of W saying, “defend freedom, defend peace” with some nice base beats.
21) a couple MC’s singing/rapping about war. ((22)) Good vs. evildoers. Good beats and well sliced together samples.
((23)) Great beats and scratched up samples of W talking of war.
((24)) Cut and paste song made up of field recordings from the San Francisco antiwar protests. Well done. They have captured some of the essence of the protests here.
25) Spoken word poetry about USA’s foreign policy with a background of beatboxing.
26) Cut up spots on the postwar money that is going to US
((27)) Scratched up Jello Biafro spoken word on the Iraq war.
28) Shock & awe.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.IntroWin this War and Hacve a Goo
2.Djs of Mass DestructionWar (If It Feels Good, Do It
3.Earthcrusher (Dj Pone Remix)Mr. Lif
4.<None>Emcee Dubya Vs. Guvna Arnold
5.Son of a Bush (Dj Pone Baghda)Public Enemy
6.Guerrilla News Network (Gnn)Happy Ramadan Osama Bin Ladn
7.Steinski and Mass MediaIt's Up to You (War Mix)
8.AzeemBush Is a Gangsta
9.Tino CorpDubya (Commander in Chief)
10.Djs of Mass DestructionLiberate the Children (Live)
11.Guerrilla News NetworkWar
12.Cat FiveAmerican Military Operations
13.Dj StoicCan Mine
14.Djs of Mass DestructionWeapons? What Wmd? (Live)
15.SHING02Since By Man Came Death
16.<None>Fox News Vs. Biiiaatch
18.BootsGeorge Bush Is a Bank Managr
19.O-TypeBlood and Sand
20.Desert Djs, theFifty Miles of Baghdad
21.ArkSo Many People
22.Guerrilla News NetworkGood Vs. Evil
23.Djs of Mass DestrutionWar Is What the Got
24.Quiet AmericanOnce Over
25.Aya De LeonThin Line/Stop the War
26.Iraq Attack Djs, theSpoils of War
27.Djs of Mass DestructionNobody Cares (Die for Oil Su
28.Dj Killabush Vs. the EmbeddedShock and Awe