Mithras / Worlds Beyond the Veil
Album: Worlds Beyond the Veil   Collection:General
Artist:Mithras   Added:Feb 2004
Label:Golden Lake Productions  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-07-04
Mithras – Worlds Beyond the Veil (Golden Lake Productions)
A mix of futuristic/space ambient, black metal, and brutal death. Amazing drumming, unnecessarily complex guitar wizardry, and lots of odd time signatures. A lot of the sounds you would normally think came from a synth are actually guitars processed in weird ways. Amazing.

1) Six minutes of futuristic and space noises, perfect soundtrack for any ‘80s bad space movie.
2) Intense death metal, insane double bass, and guitar squeals that bring to mind Cannibal Corpse. The futuristic sounds persist in the background, but they’re not coming from synths!
3) Shouted gang vocals over extremely fast, technical drumming and guitars, and enough pinch harmonics and leads to make Zakk Wylde sue.
4) Stop-n-go blast beats, growled vocals, amazing solos, and really weird pinch harmonic-like exercises. Excellent song.
5) Instrumental interlude, mostly weird guitar sounds.
6) More of the same, except that this is actually catchy as hell, sounds almost like Macabre.
7) Really fast, then slow and ultra-melodic, then searing solos, and then just simply amazing.
8) More of a black-metal start, and then blast beats and really scary vocals. It eventually enters a really doomy, almost stoner part. Another amazing song.
9) Another instrumental interlude, more weird sounds that are uber-trippy.
10) More instrumental stuff, but this time slow and almost noise-like and then trippier still. I still can’t believe this is all just guitar and not synths.
11) A more Morbid Angel approach to the riffing, and the drumming could have been from LoSico, it’s so disjoint and everywhere all at once.
12) Shorter, more brutal, and the last 45 seconds or so is just weird guitar wankery.
13) Amazing, amazing, amazing guitar playing, very traditional death-metal riffing, and insane drums again. Ends with 7 minutes of the strange, space, futuristic guitar sounds that permeate the entire CD.
Once again, amazing album.

Track Listing
1. Protal to The...   7. Psyrens
2. Worlds Beyond the Veil   8. Voices in the Void
3. Bequeth Thy Visions   9. The Sands of Time
4. The Caller and the Listner   10. Search the Endless Planes
5. Break the Worlds Divide   11. They Came and You Were Silen
6. Lords and Masters   12. Transcendence
  13. Beyond the Eyes of Man