Satanicpornocultshop / Anorexia Gas Balloon
Album: Anorexia Gas Balloon   Collection:General
Artist:Satanicpornocultshop   Added:Feb 2004

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Album Review
rE\dOx + LadyDev
Reviewed 2004-03-02
Interesting sounds full of a wide range of musical influences such as jazz, hip-hop, rock, etc. Quoting some reviewers who put it best, “Satanicpornocultshop is far more than a weird hiphop collage tribe from Osaka. They are the latest absurdists; it's as if Fluxus were spying on pop music hits from 80's and vice versa. Slightly satirical with a fancy for disco and ultimate grooves, limitless and tasteful musical culture and new technology know-how, they brilliantly summarize all current musical trends with great humility.” This album is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. There are 2 extremes when listening to it: you either try to make sense of all the sounds that are being played and focus on that or play it as background music.

the good: breaking new ground in terms of music; not following any type of pattern
the bad: if new and odd sounds are not you're thing...avoid
the ugly: lovely lady on the back sleeve with 2 penises
potty-mouth tracks: none detected

(note: rating numbers are out of 10 and following each track description)
1.Anorexia gas ballon: soft female vocals; smooth music (7) 2.Detachable: interesting samples/sounds/vocals; offbeat; horns in the middle/hardcore guitar (6) 3.Piggy Back: break-beats, bells & tambourines (7) 4.Hanuuu: children's song; salsa-jazz; hip-hop; no real pattern (4) 5.Sakura_drops: hiphop beats; samples (7) 6.Some Velvet Morning: starts out jazzy; breaks into beats; then femal vocals (7) 7.Nuller?: synchopated tribal beats; samples; vocals chanting in background (7) 8.Kylie Minogue: c'mon, sing along “I just can't get you outt my head...” (7) 9.Jaco: tin drum samples; off-beat; almost dub (8) 10.Lesson Ugh: video game sounds; funky beats; outro is nice (8) 11.Watasi no Shoumei-San: not really a track (0) 12.Suger Suger Pervert's Garden: trip-hop beats 13.Osui Nomasare: noisy intro; female vocals (7) 14.Dred Mosque: another cover song; kinda cool; distorted vocals (8) 15.Nogik: more unique sounds and samples (6) 16.Anorexia Gas Balloon (reprise): close to the first track (7)

review courtesy of rE\dOx

Track Listing
1. Anorexia Gas Balloon (Candy   9. Jaco
2. Detachable P   10. Lesson Ugh
3. Piggy Back   11. Watashi no Shoumei-San
4. Hanuuu   12. Suger Suger Pervert's Garden
5. Sakura_Drops   13. Osui Nomasure
6. Some Velvet Morning   14. Dred Mosque
7. Nuller?   15. Nogik
8. Kylie Minogue   16. Anorexia Gas Balloon (Repris