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Album: Remote   Collection:General
Artist:Gadget   Added:Feb 2004
Label:Relapse Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-06-22
Fast, heavy, brutal Swedish grindcore. Lots of blast beats, high and low vocals and a diverse handful of guitar sounds from melodic and somewhat techie to more of a hardcore feel and even black metal. Almost all of this is blistering fast with tons of blast beats. The production is amazing; honestly it’s one of the better sounding grindcore records I’ve heard in a while. They use to be in a band called Diskonto and aren’t that far from another amazing Swedish grindcore band Nausum. There aren’t a lot of differences in the 21 tracks. 21 tracks in 30 minutes!
1. Down tuned and extra heavy. Blistering fast.
2. Slight techie grind sound but the guitar switches it up throwing in some melodic guitar parts.
**3. All over the place. Vocals you can almost understand, very fast, and lots of changes.
4. More melodic and mid paced before going full speed.
5. Guitar runs up and down the neck while the rest of the band grinds away.
6. Another fast one.
**7. I like the simple more melodic guitar right before they go blistering fast.
**8. Slower death metal sounding chorus. There is even a short guitar solo in this track.
9. Wow, fast, heavy, both high and low vocals and melodic guitar. Track fades out.
**10. Slow big beginning with hardcore leanings. Big heavy chug with brutal vocals. This is also the first track over 2 minutes in length. There is a quiet part in the middle. Ends quiet.
11. Short and fast.
12. More metal including a Slayer-like guitar solo at the beginning of the song. This goes into a short blistering fast section and then it slows down and ends simple. Lots packed into a track less than a minute long.
13. Another more metal sounding track with a slight black metal sound.
14. Straight ahead grind and the first track with somewhat of a breakdown.
15. Another guitar solo at the beginning of the track. Into fast grind.
16. Heavier sounding.
**17. Begins slow and death metal sounding. Into classic sounding grindcore with tradeoff high-low vocals.
18. More thash-y before going into the fast grind part.
**19. Wow. Starts with an odd, almost gallop. Goes into short Slayer sounding section then into some merge of black metal and grindcore.
20. Just there.
21. Mellow drums and guitar feedback into slow melodic sound. Sounds like a grindcore band doing indie rock.
Excellent stuff! -mph

Track Listing
1. Still   11. Connected
2. For What Cause?   12. Inget Val
3. Crestfallen   13. Incomplete
4. Death and Destruction   14. Empty Souls
5. Unreachable   15. Anew
6. The Sentinel   16. Tear You Apart
7. Wake Up the Dead   17. Dethrone
8. Fuel   18. Forbrukad
9. Rid the Darkness   19. Remote
10. Failure   20. Enigmatic
  21. Tema:Skit