Primetime Sublime Communi, the / A Life in a Day of a Microorga
Album: A Life in a Day of a Microorga   Collection:General
Artist:Primetime Sublime Communi, the   Added:Mar 2004

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-05-25
The Primetime Sublime Community Orchestra: A Life in a Day of a Microorganism

Halleluiah! Excellent experimental, in-your-face, pseudo-classical-instrumentation orchestra with texts to match the music. Fun for everyone!
The album title refers to the three-part composition (tracks 5–7), which is a narrated story about life of a dysfunctional "microorganism" family. The tracks leading to it are way-out-there experimental string-laced, computer-processed pieces of music. Cool, cool stuff. Main tracks are 2, 4, 6, 7 (others are fillers and intros). You’ll have a blast.

Check out the sleeve for extended track titles (track 2 is "a gargantuan ditty for people with Republican tendencies").

1.Intoduction... collage of sounds. "introducing: nothing. And comedy".
2.Short elements, repeated in Phillip Glass fashion. Strings, harp, choir (no lyrics). Like a Hitchcock movie soundtrack gone mad. Even some Chinese elements find their way in. Wow.
3.Weird, collage of vocals and noises.
4.Another cool composition. Strings, aided by trumpet, synth, and a piano that comes in shortly after the “explosion” 5 minutes to the end.
5.Introduction to the microorganism saga. Short collage of vocals from nature films. Faded music background.
6.The story begins! Narrated like a nature film over the group’s (mostly string and harp) music, it mentions or discusses subjects such as cheerleader orgies, animalistic needs, eggs, school/work/money, a postman, an inflatable love-doll called Barbie, world domination, school drugs and other business transactions, teen prostitution, M-16 and more!
7.More narrated story: school cafeteria, prom, lesbian teenagers, a Tupperware party, cheerleading, bank robbery, heavenly nipples, assassination, death and Abraham Lincoln.

Track Listing
1. Introduction   3. A Minute in the Future
2. Fashion Flag for a Part-Time   4. Bimbo Mambo
  5. A Life in a Day of a Microor