Born/Dead / Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us
Album: Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us   Collection:General
Artist:Born/Dead   Added:Apr 2004

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-04-13
BORN/DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us... (Prank) It’s sure strange how certain older bands keep coming up upon hearing other releases from newer bands. Case in point Born/Dead reminding one quite a bit of the excellent but sadly hardcore/punk masters - The Pist. Despite the nihilistic (or anarcho-nihilisitic) outlook here, musically - there’s a lot of that same raw but easy to follow, to the point style of The Pist in Born/Dead and that’s not to say there isn't a lack of originality in the 14 raging tracks, rather it’s great to see more current-era bands fall with in such a great ‘tradition’ with in hardcore/punk styles.
Oh yeah, I ‘spose you can throw out the obilgatory Discharge + Poison Idea notions, maybe a Citizen’s Arrest nod or something but don’t get too caught up comparision & just pop this fucker in!
(((((1)))))) Sample of British dude talking about “control” then slow-doomed then faster hardcore ‘ala The Pist, Poison Idea, Citizen’s Arrest, et. al. Fucking perfect harcorepunk!!!
((((2)))) Swedish h.c./crust core guitars with the prevalent (but not clichéd or annoying) d-beat + Motorhead like wailing guitars! Hell yessss!
(((3))) Bass then instant raw-punk that accuses the um, “accusers”. FCCs: “fucked up reality” (0:25)
((((4)))) Full Metal Jacket sample (thankfully not the same ones used by everyone else) then distorted vocal led OTT hardcore ‘ala locals In the Wake Of The Plague (which begs the question - isn’t this Paul Plague singing this?)
((((5)))) Amazing riff and it’s just 3 super-simple notes. (Thank thy gods for hardcore!), confrontational vocal style but this ain’t “tough guy” bullshit by any stretch.
(((((6))))) Bass, feedback then a nice Black Flag-laden riff mixed with Swedish d-beat ‘ala Avskum & Meanwhile. Some rad drum parts, too.
((((7)))) A slow barrage of drums then LOUD & disorted riffing ‘ala Born Dead Icons & later some killer wailing guitars ‘ala Greg Ginn. Something like “Black Flag jamming with Discharge in Gothenberg, Sweden".
(((8))) Somewhere around Black Flag crossed with Void (D.C.) and World Burns to Death. Hell yeah! (FCCs “this world is shit” 0:30, 1:25, 1:45)
((((9)))) Melodic intro ‘ala From Ashes Rise then jams into raw-assed hardcore ‘ala The Pist, Poison Idea, Black Flag, early D.R.I. You know the drill - press play & repeat 100 fuckin’ times!!!
((((10)))) Bass then blasting hardcore fury ‘ala all of the previously mentioned legends. NOTE: This is actually track #12 “24 Hostages” FCC’s” 1:06 “fuckin"
((((11)))) NOTE: This is actually #14 “No One Gets Out Alive”. Raw, basic hardcore ‘ala Black Flag (though the riffing starts off like Suicidal’s “Institutionalized”) & World Burns To Death.
((((12)))) Short & to the point NOTE: This is actually #13 “Traitor” FCC: 0:25 “fuckin”, “fuck you” 0:42.
((((13))) Basic & catchy ‘82-era hardcore. Damn, can I EVER relate to these lyrics! NOTE: This is listed as track #10 “Deadtime”
(((14))) Feedback & pickslide laden raw & short-but sweet. NOTE: THis is actually track #11 “Homeless".

Track Listing
1. A Look at the World   8. I Can't Deal with It
2. Waiting   9. Fantasies of Success
3. Accuser   10. 23 Hostages
4. Perspectives of Lies that Bl   11. Homeless
5. The Last to Starve   12. Traitor
6. Indigent   13. Deadtime
7. C.R.W.M.   14. No One Gets Out Alive