Fall of the Bastards / Dusk of An Ancient Age
Album: Dusk of An Ancient Age   Collection:General
Artist:Fall of the Bastards   Added:May 2004
Label:Intolerant Messiah  

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Add Date: 2004-08-02 Pull Date: 2004-10-03 Charts: Loud
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Recent Airplay
1. Jan 27, 2005: Baptism of Solitude (Best of 2004 metal/hardcore/punk)
4. Sep 23, 2004: Baptism of Solitude (EP)
Put to Death Ii
2. Nov 14, 2004: Oh Messy Life
In the Midst of Obsolete
5. Sep 17, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Otherwise Blank Experssion
3. Oct 03, 2004: Oh Messy Life
In the Midst of Obsolete
6. Sep 16, 2004: Baptism of Solitude

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-08-02
Black metal with some melodic death metal from Portland, OR. Great pained scratchy vocals and guitar riffs. The lyrics deal more with the pains of existence. The vocalist can pull off low rough vocals and screamed scratchy pained vocals and a lot of the time you can understand what he’s singing. There are some slow parts that border on doom. There are some melodic gallops and catchy guitar riffs like Ludicra. Even some noisy old school metal sounds. Easily one of the best American black metal bands.
**1. Fast with fast blasting drums and catchy black metal guitar runs. This does remind me some of Ludica. This track does slow down some, including a medium paced march in the middle before going back into a speedy part like the beginning.
2. Similar to the first track. Add some quick chugging power chord parts.
**3. Drums to start and a grunt before we kick into the speedy black metal. Lots of catchy guitar riffs through this whole song. They slow way down a little after the halfway point adding some Doom sounds.
**5. Fast individual note guitars and BIG scream being. The Ludicra comparisons show up again. A Slayer type run on guitar shows up towards the end which slyly changes into a power metal type riff.
6. Medium pace and power chords. The least black metal sounding, sounding much more like a good power metal band. Just when you think this will be old school metal sounding they kick into high gear and blast away. There is even a “Go” towards the end before they kick into an almost gallop.
7. Another track like 6, with more of a power metal sound than black metal. The vocals stay the same, which makes this light years better than most power metals. Nice melodic chord head banging moment at the halfway point.
8. Starts with rain and finger picked clean guitar along with nylon string guitar. Stays this way.
9. Live track that open like an 80s thrash song. Takes a while before it speeds up. Eventually slows back down. Lofi.
10. Live version of track 3.
11. Live version of track 6.
12. The vocals really stand out on this track. He shows off most of his tricks and live. Tracks has 80s metal sound.
Great stuff! -mph

Track Listing
1. In the Midst of Obsolete   7. Idiocy Parade
2. Intrinsical Lost   8. Dawn (The Mourning After)
3. Put to Death Ii   9. Where Dead Hang From Trees (
4. Signs of An Impending Apocae   10. Put to Dead I (Live)
5. Angelrot   11. Otherwise Blank Expression (
6. Otherwise Blank Experssion   12. Wanderers of Deserted Plain