Vulvettes, the / This Is the Science We Believe
Album: This Is the Science We Believe   Collection:General
Artist:Vulvettes, the   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Dragnet Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2004-07-09
The Vulvettes "This is the Science We Believe In" - Whoa! This is some crazy ass shit! Lo-fi distorted noisy arty garage rock weirdness. Guitars and keyboards along with bass and drums. Everything is pretty distorted and sometimes overblown sounding. Vocals are almost always yelled and distorted in some way. Lyrics are particularly odd. Most songs are about midtempo and many have a really creepy, nervous, abrasive feel to them. These were bay area kids and recorded this back in 1996. Apparently they are no more. It's a shame. This is one fine CD. Highly recommended.
My Picks: 4, 6, 13
Katie P. 7/9/04

1) Starts with electronic ringing and then backward vocals come in. Eventually a song starts, but it's all backwards. Sounds like guitars, drums, and yelled vocals. Crazy! Track 6 is the forward version of this song.
2) Cool guitar riff starts it off. It's got that arty-punk sound in the odd chords. Lo-fi and really noisy. Midtempo beat.
3) Drums kick it off to a solid midtempo beat. Bass line is added, then guitar. This is plodding and moody. After about a minute intro the vocals come yelling in. Really slows down about half through and then picks back up again building with drums and bass line. Very strange lyrics.
4) Midtempo pounding starts it off. Actually gets a little bouncy and cute with keyboards. Gets noisier for the chorus. This is really odd, but kind of hypnotic.
5) Keyboards bouncing between a couple notes, then noise hits and the beat stops. Overblown organ droning. I believe this track is not named. Instrumental.
6) Starts with guitar and bass. This is track 1 played forward (as far as I can tell). Faster midtempo with yelled vocals and cool guitar lines. Nice guitar solo too! Goofy alien lyrics.
7) Organ droning fades in. This is also an unnamed track. Noisy drones with the occasional feedback noise.
8) Starts with really distorted sounding bass. Then keyboard on top and something making a clip-clop noise. Vocals come in low and distorted so you can't really make them out. This is pretty droning, noisy, and heavy on the bass, yet quiet.
9) Keyboards creep in slowly. Then keyboards come in louder and much faster. Guitars and finally vocals. Faster midtempo with a really nervous edgy feel to it. Creepy lyrics with yelled vocals.
10) Solid midtempo with a heavy beat and mean angry feel. Yelled vocals as usual. Harsh metal guitar at the very end.
11) Midtempo pounding beat. Kind of oscillating notes with a bit of manic craziness to it. And yes, yelled distorted vocals.
12) Clicking noises slowly get louder and then yelling/laughing. Fades out quickly.
13) Starts with some guitar and then someone reading information. Other weird stereo effects. Slowed vocals in the left channel are creepy and then some creepy carnival music and then the speaker comes back talking in the right channel about growing earlobes on rats. Weird!!! Ends very abruptly.

Track Listing
1. Alien Nation   6. Same Dark Clothes
2. Cheeky Cheek   7. Swimming in Blood
3. Frogs Mice Ants   8. Armored Car
4. Sunny Backyard   9. Humming Bird
5. Alien Nation   10. Ecstatic Man Child
  11. A Woman with no Eyes