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Eye of the Storm
3. Oct 14, 2004: Unpopular Enough To Be Difficult (sub for Orges)
2. Nov 15, 2008: Bloodstains Across Atherton (Das Extende Version)
Timeles Cell
4. Aug 16, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Timeles Cell

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
These are cover songs & previously unreleased tracks from one of the greatest 2nd wave thrash metal bands - Heathen - does a damn good job with the covers. It all sounds very 80’s and all the better. One of the keys to this band’s great sound has always been due to the vocals of David White

(((1))) This one will take a few spins to get used especially if you don’t know the original by Queen.
((((2)))) A rather good Thin Lizzy cover. T.L. covers aren’t easy to do especially go get the classic vibe of Mr. Lynott’s voice, much less the Scott Gorham/Snowy White guitar dueling parts.
(3) Typical 80’s power-ballad. I mean the sentiment is good - it’s about a lost friend of theirs but really...totally generic 1988-era “Headbanger’s Ball”. Ugh!
((((4)))) Starts off like the opening riff to Dio’s “Stand Up & Shout” but it’s a Tygers of Pan Tang cover and sounds mighty good. Hella 80’s metal/hard rock but that riffing & soloing really takes the cake.
((((((5)))))) (FCCs after 3:12) Like the original by Sweet Savage this has amazing riffing, soloing & vocals. It’s one of the BEST metal songs ever in ANY era. There’s more bass in this version than the original & damn, David White’s vocals just rip it up! Where Bay Area thrash got it’s roots.
(((((6))))) Mellow strumming in the intro then Metallica circa “Ride The Lighting” styled riffing with that Bay Area “crunch” tone (that really sounds like it’s set to “Master of Puppets” level).
(((7))) Lots of 80’s styled scales with again that thrash crunch riffage in play. More mid-tempo & solid but not as catchy as the previous song.
((((((8)))))) Did you want a gallop riff? Here you go! Total headbanging worthy gallops with a nice melodic passage. As if it’s the mid-80’s all over again! “Armag
(((((9))))) Thudding, punishing & precise early Metallica style mixed with a bit of old Anthrax. More gallop riffage but over all more varied guitar parts.

Track Listing
1. Death on Two Legs   5. Eye of the Storm
2. The Holy War   6. Hypnotized
3. In Memory Of...   7. Opiate of the Masses
4. Hellbound   8. Timeles Cell
  9. Mercy Is no Virtue