Sunday Morning Einstein's / Kangnave
Album: Kangnave   Collection:General
Artist:Sunday Morning Einstein's   Added:Jul 2004

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-08-23
Can you say Kangnave? “Schang-naa--vee” Good! That means “crust fist”! And yep, these Swedish dudes raise the crusty fist into your ears. These guys have around the block as they’ve done stints in Wolfbrigade (Fuck ja!) and Svart Sno. If you did the d-beat massiveness of say, Meanwhile, Avskum, Wolfbrigade (Wolfpack) then this is for you. (Though S.M.E. doesn’t really sound like any of ‘em aside from playing killer Svensk rå ponk/Swedish raw punk). They’re a fuckin’ awesome live band, too.
((((1)))) Head bustin’ anti-social creep Swedish d-beat heavy hardcore. (FCC 0:10 “Fuckin”)
((((2)))) Fast & furious with some stop-starts and awesome wailing guitars! Lyricker en Svensk.
(((((3)))) Ragin’ hardcore punk!!! Pissed off as hell. Crank this!
(((((4))))) Incredible riffage, this one reminds me a bit of DS-13. Super catchy chorus (even if you don’t know a word of Swedish).
((((5)))) Straight forward Svensk kang-core!
((((6)))) Mid-tempo & kind of in a groove. pretty catchy, too.
(((((7)))))) Really fast & rippin’ d-beat massacre.
(((((8))))) Killer riffs at mid-tempo then lauches into a full on hardcore asault. Great lyrics, too. They diss on Raggare, too. Raggare are these assholes in Sweden that drive America cars a run down punks or other “outsiders” of society. They’re kind of like Swedish rednecks. As the Rude Kids once said “Raggare Is A Bunch of Motherfuckers”
((((9)))) Straight-ahead punkish mid-tempo sound. Almost metal-like riffing.
(((10))) This one’s a little more old styled with some cool riffs & such.
((((11)))) Very solid riffing & excellent drum sound.
(((((12)))) Very metal intro then super devastating blasting kang-core.
(((((13))))) Continuing with the onslaught of killer riffing but this one jumps around in tempo.

Track Listing
1. I Don't Wanna Party   8. Model Citizen no 1
2. Kop 2 Betala for 3   9. En Galge for Din Planbok
3. Raindrops   10. Hav Av Hat
4. Rakina Med Brak   11. Piss on Your Lies
5. Alla 3 Ar Grisar   12. Djurplageri
6. [Jag Trivs Bast I]Inre Landb   13. Expert Pa Halla
7. Skratta Tills Buken Brister   14. Letter to the Censors