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Various Artists / Death Rattle & Roll Vo
Album:Death Rattle & Roll Vo Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists Added:Aug 2004

A-File Activity
Add Date:2004-10-11 Pull Date:2004-12-13 Charts:Loud
Week Ending:Nov 21Oct 31Oct 24Oct 17

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17 
COLL: Death Rattle & Roll - Vol. 1 (Wondertaker)
This is lots of (mostly) local punk, punk n’ roll & hard rock action the bulk of which is really good, no brainer stuff. Nothing terribly groundbreaking here but fun, basic stuff that invokes everything from AC/DC, The Dwarves, Gluecifer, Turbonegro, New Bomb Turks, Motorhead, Ramones & The Damned.
(((1))) - The Hydromatics - Uptempo, 2 chord punk n’ roll. Hella basic but pretty solid with stupid lyrics. Somewhere around AC/DC meets Gluecifer and Eddie Haskels.
(((2))) Bottles & Skulls - Super-fast punk like New Bomb Turks meets the old Dwarves stuff or early Supersuckers (aka: We wanna be the Dwarves). (FCC “fuck”)
((((3)))) The Grannies - Total Gluecifer-like vocals. $10 says these guys at least one record by The Hellacopters, Gluecifer or Turbonegro.
(((4))) Jack Saints - Big Motorhead-like bass intro snarling 3-4 chord punk rawness. Reminds me of the few & rare GOOD punk bands from San Jose in the 90’s like say, Bombs For Whitey.
((5)) Everything Must Go - Kind of annoying intro riff then launches off into a seriously unexciting mix of obnoxius drunk punk and a lightweight version of the Confederacy of Scum bands (ex: Rancid Vat, Limecell, Antiseen). (FCC “stupid shit”)
(((6))) The Nitwitz - Nice & tight 70’s UK punk riffage. The Buzzcocks with arena rock moves?
((((7)))) Ain’t - Awesome, rollin’ punk fire with killer female vocals. Very much in the style of the Gits ‘cept with some Angus Young worship in the guitars.
(((8))) Motorhome - Not suprisingly the first bits sound like Motorhead but the vocals are more swaggery, barfly punkish & the base of riffs are total AC/DC territory.
((9)) Midnight Bombers - Pretty uninspired vocals minus the OK backing choruses. Basic rock n’ punk stuff.
((((10)))) Jack Endino’s Earthworm - Jack Endino - now there’s a name you probably haven’t heard in awhile. Fuckin’ great Motorhead impression by way of Northwestern fuzz & wah-wah (aka: “real grunge rock” not that Smashing Pumpkins/Alice In Chains bullshit).
((((11)))) The Black Furies - Super Stooges/Dead Boys worship. Derrivative as fuck but good at that. Lots of guitar wailing.
(((12))) The Fleshies - Slow, sludgey fucked up like a faster Killdozer crossed with Schlong or the DKs.
(((13))) The Amputees - Strummy punk with good female vocals. Melodic punk/indie rock.
((14)) Reid Paley - Country/rockabilly strummer. So-so. Sounds like a joke song to me.
(((15))) Bottles & Skulls - Nice bass intro then loud guitars into a fast New Bomb Turks style attack.
(((16))) Dirty Power - Sludgy Black Sabbath worship. So much so that this pastes “Hole In The Sky” and at least 2 other Sab tunes. An instrumental that kicks ass on most stoner rock.
(17) Dirty Power - This one I don’t get - it sounds WAY too much like everything else on this album. I never thought I’d hear Zeke-light but here it is.
(18) The Hydromatics - Ugh! This is a warmed over Springsteen outtake!
(19) Everything Must Go - Kinda generic obnoxious punk. Everything in this BAND must go (away)!
(((20))) Jack Endino’s Earthworm - Twangy, all-round ramblin’, rollin’ instrumental featuring Endino solid guitar chops.
((21)) Midnight Bombers - Better than their previous track. Sounds like Zeke, Sub-Pop-era Dwarves and KISS on speed. Not bad but been done only 9 billion times before.
((22)) The Amputees - Mid-tempo punk/indie rock that doesn’t go too far.
((((23)))) Motorhome - More smashed up, 70’s punk n’ metal worship complete with cowbell break! . Solid stuff. (FCC “fuck 0:28)
(((24))) Jack Saints - Speaking of 70’s punk n’ metal worship - this is total AC/DC on a budget with some fast boogie action & bottles a’ breakin’. Pretty nice.
((25)) Black Furies - More Stooges riffing with so-so vocal presence. How many times has this been done before? Too many and this doesn’t bring anything new.
(26) - The Grannies - Please kill that cock-rock wank disguised as ‘punk’. Damn, this one suck-ass flat ‘quasi-grunge’ like a Nirvana reject tune. Would’ve been vaguely amusing in 1992 but now?
((27)) Reid Paley - A demented drunken Tom Waits style. Chorus has too many FCCs
((((28)))) Ain’t - Killer bass & drums intro. Fuck this band has a lot of that same bite that The Gits possessed. As Grand Funk used to say “Great singin’, great playin’”
((29)) Fleshies - What the fuck? They’re covering Rush’s “Working Man” then they go into a twisted raw, live sloppy mess of a tune.
((30)) The Nitwitz - Ex-pat Yanks now in the Netherlands doing some more Stooges/Dead Boys stuff that occasionally borders on the Replacements old stuff. Not bad but nothing spectacular either.
(FCC 0:05 “zip up my pants motherfucker, “punk azz mother fucker 0”20) ------------------------

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.Hydromatics, theRip Rnr
2.Bottles & SkullsCalifornia Greenback
3.Grannies, theChain Wallet
4.Jack Saints, theRadioactive
5.Everything Must GoI Hate Music
6.Nitwitz, theNippon Girl Desire
7.Ain't101 California
8.MotorhomeGearing Up for Getting Down
9.Midnight BombersTime to Kill
10.Jack Endino's EarthwormBait
11.Black FuriesNo Money Down
12.FleshiesTinklin' Man (Live)
13.Amputees, theEnvy Has no Rest
14.Reid PaleyWhat You Deserve
15.Bottles & SkullsForgive Me
16.Dirty PowerLuke's Wallpaper
17.Dirty PowerDrag You Down
18.Hydromatics, theDo It Again
19.Everything Must GoI Drive Like An Ass
20.Jack Endino's EarthwormFlight of the Wax Tadpole
21.Midnight BombersWork Weak
22.Amputees, theBranded
24.Jack Saints, theFolsom Street Blues
25.Black FuriesYeah, Yeah, Yeah
26.Grannies, theThe Wrong Song
27.Reid PaleyThis Fucking Town
28.Ain'tWith My Own Two Hands
29.FleshiesNo One (Live)
30.Nitwitz, theDrunk Tank Celebrity (Live)