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Recent Airplay
1. Sep 17, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
End on Six
4. Sep 02, 2004: Baptism of Solitude (extended remix)
End on Six
2. Sep 16, 2004: Baptism of Solitude
My Fist Smells Like Graveyar
5. Aug 26, 2004: Baptism of Solitude
My Fist Smells Like Graveyar
3. Sep 05, 2004: Oh Messy Life
6. Aug 25, 2004: press and release
Tastes Like Burning, Tastes Like Burning

Album Review
Reviewed 2004-08-23
Amazing local emo hardcore! This band set a new standard and new sound for emo in the late 90s and the wonderful part about it is that there are no metal influences, no melodic vocals for mtv, and no stylish belts. Ex-members of Nexus Six and Portraits of Past and an ex-KZSU DJ! Wonderful melodic guitar, open drumming, with plenty of chaos and, well, hardcore. The songs are often dramatic with plenty of quiet moments that lead into the chaos. This CD collects some tracks from old EPs, old split LPs, and tracks to be released in the future.
**1. One of their classic tracks from the “The Wicked” EP. This has a melody that I sing for days after hearing the song. Starts quiet and changes into straight ahead screamo. The track goes in and out of quiet parts.
2. Starts with clean jangly guitar then launches into a big sound that is restrained and melodic.
3. Dark and sad, clean guitar and bass at the beginning. Keyboards, chimes, and instrumental.
**4. One of their best tracks, which will at the same time hook you with the melody and then pummel you into the ground. Again melodic clean guitar to begin and then a straight forward pummeling rhythm. The track gets more chaotic and screamo as it goes along. The tracks ends a little early, so beware.
5. Piano with vocals way in the background. The track rocks a little bit towards the end.
**6. Opens with what sounds like a call to prayer and ominous guitar before exploding a frenzy of guitars playing octaves and screamed vocals. This track changes pace a few times and gets quiet in the middle. This track is long and has a ton of quiet then loud parts. Ends quiet.
7. Another one that begins quiet and clean to burst into loud screaming parts. I think I’m starting to see a trend.
8. A shorter track but still has all the elements of the other tracks.
9. Tell me this isn’t influenced by The Cure. Does have short bursts of screamo mixed with the clean depressing sections.
**10. As good as it gets. Starts with the drummer screaming in the background and dark clean guitar. When it bursts into the screaming hardcore part this track has it all. Octaves that have a wonderful melody, chaos, and dynamics. There is a quiet breakdown with an amazing sample. “I would have started with lasers, 8 o’clock, day one”
11. Starts sounding like a 80s pop tune and again, I hear a Cure influence. And again after the quiet beginning goes screamo. I like the repetitiveness at the end of the track.
12. He…ok another Cure intro, which is cool. This one also goes back and forth between quiet and loud.
13. A bit more lofi. Spoken intro.
GREAT stuff!!! -mph

Track Listing
1. End on Six   7. Lackluster
2. Tastes Like Burning   8. We Don't Belong in Concrete
3. ...And the Beast Shall Be Ma   9. The Night Builders
4. The Wicked   10. My Fist Smells Like Graveyar
5. Paper   11. Easychair Method
6. Fire...Death   12. Torn Safety Net
  13. Choirs and Cannons