Hewhocorrupts / Ten Steps to Success
Album: Ten Steps to Success   Collection:General
Artist:Hewhocorrupts   Added:Sep 2004
Label:625 Thrashcore  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-09-07
Brutal, chaotic and unique grindcore. The blast beats will blow you’re mind, the vocals sound like they hurt, the guitars are often discordant, and the bass is a huge surprise, not only can you hear it but he often plays slap style, which is not very common in heavy music. More hardcore influences than metal. There are lots of jokes and lots of irony and the songs are short. The band is from Chicago and contains members of KungFu Rick.
**1. Starts with a scream and big slow chord. Then the chaos ensues. A stop/start part and then some blasts. There is even a breakdown and all this in 57 seconds!
2. Has touches of the Locust with simpler guitar.
**3. Bass and drums start off the track and then big heavy, slow power chords shows up. Right before lots of discordant guitar kicks in there are handclaps, which from the liner notes are ironic hand claps.
4. Buzzing intertwined guitars that stop on a dime after 30 seconds and change to choppy discordant sounds.
**5. Starts with a great sample, “Ever since I started working, umm, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before.” Slow ominous and discordant music. This changes into blistering blasts which slows down into heavy guitars that are more metal sounding. Ends with someone saying “yea”.
**6. Fast and chaotic right from the start. Damn this is heavy. After lots of chaos in the first half of the song everything pulls together for 30 seconds of head banging fun at the end.
7. Lurching with interspersed blasts into an almost groove and even a breakdown thrown in for good measure.
8. A sample in the middle that after which they change the sound of the track, it’s like 2 tracks in one.
**9. The lyrics are hilarious; too bad you can’t understand them when he’s singing. Great breakdown in the middle that keeps going almost to the end of the track.
10. Sample, quiet clean guitar, then on big chord, into blistering fast grind. Cleaner vocals I can almost make out.
Fucking amazing stuff! -mph

Track Listing
1. Checking Mic Marker (Step 1:   6. Linguistic Violations (Step
2. Mrs. Andretti's Hustlers (St   7. Siagon's Still Kickin
3. Mic Marker Checked (Step 3:   8. Unload the White Load
4. 16.7 Overture (Step 4: Let C   9. This Is Beatbox
5. She's a Fire Engine (Step 5:   10. Canada, Shakespeare, Canada