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Impulse Manslaughter / Live at Wfmu
Album:Live at Wfmu Collection:General
Artist:Impulse Manslaughter Added:09/2004
Label:Beer City 

A-File Activity
Add Date:2004-10-11 Pull Date:2004-12-13 Charts:Loud
Week Ending:7 Nov31 Oct24 Oct17 Oct

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17 
IM were ahead of the curve in the “fast-as-fuck” game as their brand of “vicious, nihilistic, proto-grind” fastcore got going around 1986. In the same league as Siege, Poison Idea, Raw Power, Tyrannicide, et. al. This session (or at least most of it) on WFMU was recorded back in February ‘93 and the rest complies the rest of their discography, so if you wanna hear some rippin’ thrash - look no further!

((((1)))) Brutal, nasty hardcore in the vein of Poison Idea or some obscure Japanese stuff from ‘86-’89 like say, Outo?
((((2)))) Big drums & bass-led intro then full-on snarling, brutal OTT fast-core attack.
((((3))) Thudding, powerblast of ultra-core (FCC 0:12 “Shit”). Hella short, too.
((((4)))) Leaves off right where the other stopped. More of the same ultra-pissed off thrashin’ madness.
((((5)))) Bass, drum-intro then quick burst of ultra-aggressive h.c.
((((6)))) Short, fast & loud with a tiny two-note breakdown. Total Poison Idea worship!
((((7)) About 6 seconds of “brrrragghghgugghghgh!!!” and it’s done.
((((8))))) More mid-tempo groove with wailing metallish soloing then classic fast-core riff devastation.
(((((9)))) Nice feedback and four chord crushing almost remincent of Spazz in the breakdowns.
((((10)))) Cymbal smashin’, drum bashin’ tempo & more of the same turbo-chargin’ bulldozer to your ears.
(((11))) Loose & lethal and under 30 seconds!
((((12)))) More straight-ahead bassy rockin’ mid-tempo ripper into about 12 seconds of thrash.
((((13)))) A slow, crushin’, possibly improvised blast.
((((((14))))) Damn, this riff fuckin’ KILLS! Ugly unpolished in your face, confrontational number, like Discharge’s “Possiblity of Life’s Destruction” on crank! Dig that insane solo, too!
((((15)))) More of a groove but still slaughtering at mid-tempo. Fuckin’ A this dude’s vocals are just full of spite! Killer Celtic Frost-like harmonics underscoring the main body o’ riffs, too.
((((16)))) This one sounds a bit like something modern that you hear from Sweden or Finland’ s hardcore scene and simple, brutal riffing.
((((17)))) Their (sort of) cover of UFO’s “Rock Bottom” but it’s uh, “slaughtered” in their own way.
((((18)))) More of a straight-ahead, cleaner riff (which makes it sound like it’s from an entirely different live session) sounding like 2 fuckin’ great Portland bands mixed together: Poison Idea and The Wipers
((((19))) Back to the usual fastcore style. Killer dual vocals. (FCCs “fucking 2x”)
((((20)))) “Separate church & state” Fuck yeah! This is re-working of #16 but it sounds a tad cleaner.
((((21)))) Unholy fuck! This version sounds like grindcore, aside from the fact that it’s not as fast.
((((22)))) A rawer version of track #6 but keeps up the sheer power of the first take.
((((23)))) Nice sample of what sounds like either a solider or a serial killer leading into super lo-fi grinding blast of ultra-core.
(((24))) Big drums and and more rippin’ doomed thrash. Ends with a sample of some horror movie. What movie is this? “Slumber Party Massacre” or something?
((((25)))) Wild, mid-tempo punkish riffing sounding like the Wipers mixed with D.R.i. and Poison Idea. Loud, sometimes fast but always angry!
(((((26))))) Straight-ahead punk sounding kinda like Poison Idea around “Feel The Darkness”. Super catchy, and then...bam! Thrash & bile city!
((((27)))) Slow, strummin’ riff, with UGLY, “there’s no fuckin’ hope” vocals, then it later turns into simple paced thrashin’ h.c.
((((28)))) Walloping thrash, fuckin’ a -- the drums just kill! The lyrics are just the title about repeated about 28 times.
((((29))) This is the “Complete Death: Volume II” version of this track. Sounds like a raw demo but is decent quality enough to really to damage (-0:23 “fucking”)
((((30))))) Cryptic Slaughter-like massive, INTENSE-core action!
- 0:17 “fuckin”)
((((31)))) Sample from “Trading Places”? Simple drum-heavy 80’s styled instrumental hardcore jam.
((((32)))) Spiteful fast as hell hardcore. What more do you want?
((((33)))) Country-jazz jam version of track #4 which builds up like an old DKs number with loud & wild guitars and a bit of 6 riffs per measure riffing. Awesome drummin’’ to boot!
((((34)))) Super slow drumming, thudding tempo and tortured screamin’ (what is this Hellhammer?), into classic punk/hardcore guitar wails and full on wall o’ thrash mayhem. Great breakdowns!
((((35)))) Ramones-like drum beat, straight-up punk riffage then more h.c. tempo ‘ala Discharge but much more chaotic in the vocals.
((((36)))) Did you want more Poison Idea-like rabid hardcore? Well here ya go! (FCC 1:23 & 0:55 & 0:03 “not a fuckin’ game”). Sounds a bit like Capitalist Casualities.
(((37))) Basic thrash with some nice build up/breakdown parts. Weird reverb on the vocals and a very metal solo.
(((38))) It’s only 14 seconds of drunks gurgling the words of the title. Something like accapella grindcore?

Track Listing
1.Blanket of Fear 20.Given
2.Sedation 21.Media
3.Media 22.Dogshit Extravaganza
4.They Start the War 23.Chaos (Live)
5.Not Quite Sure 24.Mighty Harness
6.Dogshit Extravaganza 25.Sometimes
7.Premature Evacuation 26.Face It
8.Crimes 27.Missing Children
9.Pills 28.Borderline Retard
10.Kein Spiel 29.Pills
11.Gutterhead 30.Piss Me Off
12.Nothing 31.The Oracle of Penile Savage
13.Mighty Harness 32.Vomitheads
14.A Hell on Earth 33.They Start the War
15.Deceived 34.Crimes
16.Given 35.Sedation
17.Rat Bastard 36.Kein Spiel
18.Blanket of Fear 37.Pattonsteins Disease
19.Gutterhead 38.Drink Smoke Vomit