Funerus / Festering Earth
Album: Festering Earth   Collection:General
Artist:Funerus   Added:Sep 2004
Label:Ibex Moon Records  

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Week Ending: Nov 7 Oct 31
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Nebulous Existence
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Polluted Excess
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-02

This is super thick, ugly basic & extremely well-done death metal - a style that’s really been forgotten amongst “melo-death” zombies and “more tech than thou” wankers.

This is how death metal should be done. Even better, there’s no solos on the whole fucking thing. Not that solos suck but that genius of early 90’s DM was all of those classic RIFFS! File near Immolation, early Gorefest, old Amorphis, old Atrocity, Master, et. al.

(((((1))))) Slow, bassy doom like Sabbath then a GIANT FIST SIZED BURST of mid-paced death metal then evolves into speedy a soundtrack to our dying earth.
(((((2)))) Mid-tempo to fast with a KILLER, ultra low-end laden groove.
(((((3)))) Speaking of grooves, this one doesn’t let up! Nice tunnelling rifffage ‘ala Unleashed, old Deceased, 80’s-era Death (the band). Classic death metal, no doubt about it. It even has a “go!” in it.
((((4)))) Rippin’opening riff like something off of Master’s “And On The 7th Day...” album, and a massive doom/death vibe. (FCC “shit” but sounds more like sheeeeeeooooottt!”) then into a sound similar to Death circa “Leprosy”.
(((((5))))) Unholy fuck - does this crush! An evil mix of early Obituary, Winter, the first Pungent Stench album. THICK as Artic ice riffing! Bonus points for throwing in a “Gooohh!” to kick off the fast parts.
(((((6))))) Unrelenting, pounding death metal with 5-6 note riffing. Mixing up Obituary (I can almost hear Donald Tardy sing “mmmwhhowwowoarrghghghgarrgh!”), early My Dying Bride and Paramecium? Loud as hell and totally recommended.
((((7)))) More walloping, zombified sonic decay with a rip-ride of cyclical riffing, some doom parts and very deeeep vocals. The drums are recorded hella loud. Killer drum breakdown from 1:32-1:09
((((8)))) Put this in the ‘ol “they say more with one or two notes than most can do with twenty”. Doomed intro then ultra-fast & brutal in every way, shaped & form. The drumming just totally puniishes! I did mention this band is unrelenting?
(((((9))))) Bass-heavy intro and some Incantion-styled murk mixed with some wicked doom/death ‘ala early My Dying Bride/early Anathema. All hail the mighty riff !

Track Listing
1. In the Trees   5. Nebulous Existence
2. Dnr   6. Polluted Excess
3. Stagnant Seas   7. Shade
4. Suffering Life   8. Web of Deceit
  9. Festering Earth