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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-10-18
Retrospective of 7” singles by genius guitarist Mayo Thompson’s influential art rock band, going back to his humble yet high quality beginnings in 1969, spanning through his pinnacle of influence period of 1976-82 (collaborating with Laura Logic, Epic Soundtracks, et al) up to the late 90’s when he was backed up by Tortoise heads John McIntyre and Jim O’Rourke. Think Pere Ubu when you think Mayo Thompson, as he was an original member and their sounds are cut from the same cloth, high quality art rock, distinctly American (not to be confused with London post punk). Guitar driven, but mostly noted for Thompsons trademark off-key signature vocals, a style highly emulated by such bands as XTC. Tracks progress chronologically (which is probably why I’ve highlighted the chunk around 4-10 as this represents the 76-82 era). For fans of
Swell Maps, Glaxo Babies, Pere Ubu, Essential Logic, Rough Trade bands ca. 1980. Foundation stuff.

1) unreleased 1970 single, simple timeless instrumental rock, a foreshadow of whats to come
2) 2/4 folksy waltzy feel, dobro slide guit, swampy
jammy hippie feel, must be the compressed drums, still though, its more GBV than GD
4) 1976 and the living was easy…for great weird art rock a la Pere Ubu…Riina, pay attention
5) see above, taking a page from the Glaxo Babies’ book
6) nice, matured, mildy funky art rock ringing of London post punk, w/ Laura Logic on sax
7) see above, only more pensive, driving, than funky
8) Laura Logic up front on vocals, disco drum beat under artful late 70’s rock, Epic Soundtracks (Swell Maps) on drums
9) Laura Logic sax infused mid paced art rock, w/ Mayo’s vocs up front, archetypical Krayola
10) plain old pretty Logic pop,w/ a disco beat but pure proto-indie-pop leanings
11) mellower, w/ Logic hitting her high octaves and Soundtracks doing a tom tom beat
12) in German, German release, cool soaring synth
13) like above, but slow, plodding
14) more abstract, sparser, minor flare, cool bas and dischordant guitar
15) slow phrased, bordering on mopey twangy but still there
16) sparse, chill, McIntrye (tortoise) involved
17) waltzy, slightly minor ballad feel, kicks into upbeat guitar weirdness
18) O’Rourke involved, sparse, chill feel, pretty
19) mellow, near a capella, regal, with bells
20) chill electro feel, a bit different
21) strange upbeat w/ funny video game sound

Track Listing
1. Woof   11. The Mikmaid
2. Old Tom Clark   12. Rattenmensch: Gewichtswater
3. Pig Ankle Strut   13. Zukenftsfleiger
4. Wives in Orbit   14. The Red Crayola on 45
5. Yik Yak   15. Your Body Is Hot
6. Micro-Chips   16. 4TEEN
7. The Story Sofar   17. Stink Program
8. Born in Flames   18. Chemistry
9. The Sword of God   19. Farewell to Arms
10. An Old Man's Dream   20. Come on Down
  21. Stil De Grain Brun