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Artist:Noodle Muffin   Added:Oct 2004

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Bush in 200 Words or Less
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-12-03
Don’t burn out on anti-Bush stuff yet, at least not until you give this one a spin. Lots of great intact Bush samples, lots of manipulated mashed up ones, with silly musical accompaniment that is derivative of popular songs, styles, from electro pop, to funky hip hop, to Bowie epic glam to NIN and the Beach Boys. Silly stuff but really smart simultaneously as every track is riddled with great Bush’isms and samples. Every track good. Really good.

1) bush speech and film sample mash up, war theme, electro mash up including star wars theme, good
2) Bowie’esque epic tongue in cheek ballad knocking Ashcroft, creationists, Rumsfeld
3) upbeat funky electro with more bush quote mash up with a hip hop MC chorus
4) Beach Boys rock (fun fun fun til her daddy takes her t-bird away) feeling joke about “bush’s drunken daughters” having a big kegger bash in bahgdad
5) FCC- see clean edit track 27
6) FCC- see clean edit track 26
7) dubby reggae poke with voc delivery talking about bush connections to bin laden, Hussein, etc
8) silly feel, is this an REM or They Might Be Giants poke? Stream of lyrics and samples, great
9) are they poking NIN or Ministry now? Lots of good samples about bush middle east policy
10) great Monty Python sample to start, sounds like Stereo Total pop as its sung in French, a poke at the whole anti French “freedom fries” crap, brief
11) big swing beat, mildly titillating double entendres, almost lewd if it wasn’t so ridiculous and brought up the whole “subliminable” thing
12) list of acronyms of the day, very brief
13) FCC- see track 28 for clean edit
14) mellow silly ballady, nice, brief
15) silly psuedo nu-metal poke at the whole “lets roll” crap
16) wmd lies by bush, horrific war fallout reports, over epic ballady stuff
17) spacey electro, great samples taken during his 2000 campaign that turned out to be total lies, simpson samples “stupid president”, lots of chimp sounds, great
18) commentary about yaleys, upper class tyranny over backwards spaciness kicks into silly ditty about being privileged and escaping responsibility
19) electro rock, fundamentalist extremists going on, ashcroft singing, with Bush “approving this message”
20) “somewhere in texas a villiage is missing its idiot”, brief perfect interlude
21) brief weird interlude “brought to you by the partnership for a bush-free America”
22) dead air for exactly 5:00, then classic “with us or with terrorists” quote
23) Bush’s fundamentalism, church and state separation and lack thereof, smooth club techno soundbed
24) happy pop w/ sick commentary
25) brief, Bush on “friends” w/ saddam, obl, etc
26) radio edit of track 6: commentary on conservative xtian support and Ashcroft “kiss my ashcroft” delivered in a dancehall reggae manner
27) radio edit of track 5: cheery pop feel, Bush as a drunk, killing soldiers, name it
28) radio edit of track 13: great simpsons sample in beginning funky electro rock, call for regime change
29) 1:40 of silence then a great doctored brief snippet about “communication”, Bush’s skill
30) Dr Laura mashup, very Negativland’ish

Track Listing
1. Blazing Empire   11. Cum Together
2. The Christian Taliban   12. Acronymicon
3. The Dogs of War   13. It's Time
4. Drunken Daughters   14. Message to the Iraqis
5. For a Lie   15. Let's Rock
6. Kiss My Ashcroft   16. Liars and Soldiers
7. Who R Yr Friends   17. Skratch My Bush
8. Bush in 200 Words or Less   18. Man of Privilege
9. American Arab   19. I Approve this Message
10. Freedom Fries   20. Village Idiot