Leviathan / Tenacles of Whorror
Album: Tenacles of Whorror   Collection:General
Artist:Leviathan   Added:Oct 2004
Label:Moribund Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-02
Local, very grim Black Metal with a bit of a thrash influence. Despite the occasional normal sounding sections are immersed between all of the purely bleak, hopeless, abyssic & depressed blackness. Really incredible stuff and very twisted overall.

((((1)))) Incredible, quiet strum then unforgiving blasts of guitars & high drumming (which sounds like real drums and not a machine) on SUPER FAST speed. Around 3:18 it goes into a black/thrash march. Ends with the same strumming from the intro
(((((2))))) Not just an amazing title but an fucking brutal black/speed metal masterpiece. Some serious Kreator/Destruction worship mixed with uber-evil vocals with some doom-riding breakdowns. And a Cronos-like: “C’mon!” Ends with weird chanting.
((((3)))) Fuckin’ A this dude doesn’t give up. More of a catchy style selection of muscular thrash/black riffing and the already evident tortured vocals. Overall, this is something like epic sounding black/thrash with extremely wild sonic elements.
((((4)))) Starts with the sound of a sword quickly unleashed from it’s sheath immediately it’s followed but ultra-thudding, old death metal riffing (think: Autopsy) and a whole slew of slow, bleak evil yet ethereal atmospheres.
((((5))))) Slow, doomy thudding march of pure vileness. Fuckin’ killer guitar riffs all over. Total horrorshow!
((((6)))) A quiet strumming something like you might even find on a King Diamond album but no story-telling about “evil grandmas” here, this is a trippy, spacey intstrumental of deeply dark ambience. A soundtrack for zombies slowly rising from the grave? You better believe it!
(((((7))))) A hypnotic & violent 4 note riff cycle that bursts into that jumps around from a wall of sound approach to mid-paced thudding. Wrest creates some of the most wonderfully damaged tones any human voice has ever captured. This ends with creepy organ sounds.
(((((8))))) Droning guitars, tuned similar to the tonalities achieved by Sonic Youth circa 1981-88 then goes into a bizarre mix of tortured otherwordly screams, slow depressive riffs and beats. Something like a less industrial & more bleak version of Godflesh. Totally unforgiving!
((((9)))) 1:51-1:53 FCC (random movie sample) “Tanzania...what a shithole!”) Old Nordic BM style with a lot less fuzz of say early Mayhem or Darkthrone.
((((10)))) Weird psychedelic doom/drone ‘ala “Dopesmoker” by Sleep ‘cept this is much creepier ! + mixed up with bizarre ambience.
(((11)))) Slow-motion insanity with strummed guitars and distorted voice ranting about something another and sputtering drums. Later goes into this twisted er...”Industrial-laden black/thrash with slow twisted evil dub ending”?
((((12)))) Ebbing & flowing layers of distortion and slow-moving feedback and martial drums. Like some twisted concotion of Death In June and Brighter Death Now. Brooding wickedness for sure

Track Listing
1. What Fresh Hell   7. Vexed and Vomit Hexed
2. Heir to the Noose of Ghoul   8. Tentacles of Whorror (Revel
3. Cut with the Night Into Mine   9. Requiem for a Turd World
4. A Bouquet of Blood for Skull   10. Blood Red and True: Part 3
5. Deciphering Legend Within Th   11. Mouth Orifice Bizarre
6. A Neccessay Mutilation   12. The History of Rape