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Artist:Lynch, Stephen   Added:Nov 2004
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
Stephen Lynch - Superhero (Ha-Ha/W.A.R.) I’ve never heard of this dude before but he makes some pretty funny folk songs. Some of this isn’t too cool for the FCC but this is like one of those actually funny acts that was one dozens of shitty “Comedy Cavalcade” that regined supreme on mid-late 80’s cable TV.
(((1))) Funny tune about his dad catching handed!
((((2)))) Fuckin’ hi-larious! Lots of immediate u-turns on the cuss words ‘til he says (not sings!) “cunt” 2:04 so careful with this!
(((3))) Actually sounds like some kind of Top 40 neo-folk singer dude but there’s a lot of sick humor going on here. I dunno if the “pedo-” theme is on the FCC shitlist. There’s no cussing just a lot of uh...suggestions & stuff.
(((4))) Pretty funny country parody with a “gaseous” theme.
(((5))) (Lots of FCC’s “fuckin’ & shit”0:16-17, 0:25-27 “Shitlins” 1:09 “fuckin’” 1:32 “fuckin’” 2:24 “drunk motherfuckers”) Funny but Unless you can edit like the wind forget it!
((((6)))) Goddamn - brillaint! The title explains it all (FCC “fuck” 0:20)
(((7))) Happy but severly messed up “thank you” mom” song
(0:43-0:44 “fucked”)
(8) Started off ok but just gets into average dumb-ass, heard it a zillion times “hey the cab drivers have funny accents” jokes. Pass it!
(((9))) God, this is twisted! Fucked up humor but it’s kind of funny.
((((10)))) Total Dr. Demento folk number ‘ala “Dead Puppies” by Ogden Ensel - what you don’t know that one? Ya got a lot of learning to do! (FCC “fuckin’ “ 0:18 & 1:38-39 “Motherfucker”).
(((11))) Pretty cool uptempo folk with a bowling theme & a few sugg Opie & Anthony gets cheers from THIS audience damn these people are humor deprived! (FCC “fuck” 0:06 & “fuckin” 0:13 & 0:56 & 2:52), 3:43, 3:58), 4:13 “pussy”, 4:20 “motherfucker”...ahhh...JUST SKIP IT TOO MANY FCCS!
(((12))) ( FCC “‘th fuck” 0:21) Sorta funny tune about a girl who he’s into but she has a “big fat friend...”
((13)) Kinda funny number about two dudes who are best friends but one of them wants his friend’s .(FCC 1:20-1:22 “fuck the shit”, then...fuck a MILLION TIMES...AVOID!)
((((14)))) One of THE BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR! (Just for the record I was NOT this guy from high school, maybe YOU were?) Amazing rhymes, too. Total Dr. Demento material. Kick ass dewd!
(((15))) “Irish ballad” about how to handle your lady when she’s menstrauting. rather sick but still funny. (FCC “bleed from our cocks” (2:31-2:33)

Track Listing
1. Talk to Me   8. Taxi Driver
2. Dr. Stephen   9. For the Ladies
3. Priest (Bonus Live Version)   10. Grandfather
4. Country Love Song   11. Bowling Song
5. Superhero   12. She Gotta Smile
6. What If that Guy From ...   13. Best Friends Song
7. Mothers Day (Live Version)   14. D&D
  15. Down to the Old Pub Instead