These Arms Are Snakes / Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps...
Album: Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps...   Collection:General
Artist:These Arms Are Snakes   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Jade Tree  

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Album Review
chopper dave
Reviewed 2005-01-23
Former members of Kill Sadie and Botch live up to the expectations of their incredible ep with their awesome debut full-length. Picture a combination of fellow Seattle bands Minus the Bear's math rock precision and Blood Brothers' violent intensity. The pattern is: distorted screamed/spoken/snarled vox singing about stifling domesticity and shitty jobs, windy math guitar, and prominent dark pump-organ. Great combination of interesting melodies and thrashing energy. Definitely worth checking out, I really love this CD. –chopper dave

1-Starts with machine-like percussion, then breaks down into heavy guitar and distorted screamed/spoken lyrics, math-rock guitar and organ
2- FCC(fuck) distorted loopy guitar parts, pump those fists during the balls out chorus
3- more angular guitar and distorted sing/screaming, with a nice head-bouncing rhythm
4- organ instrumental for 1:18
*5- slower and more melodic, ominous and bleak, voice and lyrics are clearer than usual, builds and builds to a nice slow-paced climax
*6- 8:08, mostly a slow instrumental, swells gradually with jangled guitar and very distorted vox, feels slightly experimental with strange guitar fx and noise leaping in and out, but mostly like a brooding improvised jam, fades with repetitive guitar loop
*7- end of last song bleeds into beginning and then explodes abruptly with snare roll, then snarling voice and great math-rock, ends with alternating voices chanting phrases and pounding kick drum
8- odd pump organ melody clashes nicely with thrashing guitar and vocals, chaotic and intense
9- a little varied with different sections
10- 0:57, recorded voice reciting story over minimalist noise
*11- awesome dynamic climax to album, organ-heavy, starts slow but builds beautifully into an agitated mess, ends with 3:17 remaining, fade out here! because you have silence for a couple minutes and then a slow organ melody to end the track

Track Listing
1. The Shit Sisters   6. Gadget Arms
2. Angela's Secret   7. Greetings From the Great no
3. Big News   8. La Stanza Bianca
4. Tracing   9. Barlings of the New Midnight
5. Your Pearly Whites   10. Oxeneer
  11. Idaho