Blood Brothers, The / Crimes
Album: Crimes   Collection:General
Artist:Blood Brothers, The   Added:Nov 2004
Label:V2 Records  

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Album Review
chopper dave
Reviewed 2004-12-02
Dark, frenetic, violent, excruciating, intense. The Blood Brothers of Seattle continue their assault on our eardrums with their most accessible, but probably their best, release to date. They've slowed down the tempo from their previous outings, giving their dueling vocalists some time to recover from their self-mutilating styles and catch their breaths. Despite
this change of pace, they've managed to maintain all the intensity they've come to be known for. Expect thrashing guitars, humorously macabre social commentary, and awesomely hideous vocals. In my opinion, one of the best
albums of the year. Start with 3(fcc), 4, 8, 11

1 – starts slow with great pounding drums, then explodes. FCC (fuck)
2 – fast-paced, intense, thrashing vocals. FCC (fucking)
**3 – one of the more catchy, accessible tracks, but also one of the best.
great falsetto voice. sublimely grotesque. ends abruptly with a crescendo
of voices. FCC (tits)
*4 – cool intro with organ and maracas. more dance-y.
5 – more call-and-response. screamed chorus with heavy guitar. FCC (shit).
6 – cool guitar melody, chaotic tempos and voices clash nicely, creepy
lyrics about rats eating a girl. FCC (shit).
7 – slower, more melodic, and more subdued. some of the best lyrics which is
good because vocals are most distinct here.
*8 – grim lyrics with typical dark sense of irony. great vocal patterns,
love the chorus. another explosive finish.
9 – piano-driven, melodic chorus, not as exhausting as some of the other
tracks, ends with an almost pretty guitar and piano melody
10 – short violent, energetic tune. FCC (fucking).
*11 – another grim song about murders and suicide. schizo sections that
clash well
12 – an anti-war song with a nice sense of irony
*13 – starts off like a spiritual/work song with call-and-response, then
breaks into chaos. sums up band's attitude, "everybody needs a little
devastation." FCC (fucking).
-nate jones

Track Listing
1. Feed Me to the Forest   7. Crimes
2. Trash Flavored Trash   8. My First Kiss at the Public
3. Love Rhymes with Hideous Car   9. Live at the Apocalypse Cabar
4. Peacock Skeleton with Crooke   10. Beautiful Horses
5. Teen Heat   11. Wolf Party
6. Rats and Rats and Rats for C   12. Celebrator
  13. Devestator