Saint Chapelle / Soon to Fall
Album: Soon to Fall   Collection:General
Artist:Saint Chapelle   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Carboard Sangria Records  

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Album Review
Peter Porcino
Reviewed 2005-02-06
Saint Chapelle – Soon to Fail – Cardboard Sangria Records
Reviewed by Peter 12-11-2004
FCC Clean Very solid album. Instrumentals stronger overall, but good vocals too. The group is Dan Schneider and Gary Pyskacek from Pedal Steel Transmission doing mostly acoustic guitar picking and vocal harmonies. Often sad or dark, but prettily done
Traces of Mark Knopfler in the guitar work. I heard some Floyd (Meddle-era) and even Tom Waits on the last 2 tracks!All time references = time remaining # = Vocal track
Try everything, start with 5,6,2 for vocals: 9, 3 are good slow/sad 4’s about as upbeat as the album gets.
1. (6:51) Slow but energetic guitar strumming is foundation throughout. Starts with electronic intro, goes to heavy electronic overlays. Experimental picking takes over from electronics around 2:30 after a crescendo. False ending at 2:00. Music until end.
2. * (4:43) Starts with solid drum riff (continues throughout) into simple guitar. Soft, elegant electronic shares focus with guitar. Gets loud/heavy at 2:20 – guitar plays similar part but distorted. Quiet and pretty again for last minute.
3. * # (3:23) Vocals at 3:05 - Nice vocal harmony over acoustic guitars playing two distinct parts: pretty, steady picking on one, more random rhythm/strumming/picking on other. Christmas bells at :20 until end (solo for last 10!)
4. # (3:05) Loud at beginning – immediate vocals: less melodic but more emotive. Vocals dominate until 1:00, then: background “dee-ooo” harmony while drums play cool but repetitive riff. Guitar solid and pretty basic throughout.
5. * (4:33) Great slow, sad instrumental. Opening guitar lines are acoustic, but with a blues-rock feel, definite traces of Mark Knopfler. Second guitar takes more prominent role at 3:10 with a higher, faster picking line – back and forth until 2:05 – faster, more energy in part b/c of addition drums (toms playing an almost island-feeling riff) Vocal line (“Ahhh”) from :30 to :20. Slightly cheesy end.
6. * (2:46) Nice, quiet song with some energy/drive but never quite rockin’. More quality guitar – still some Knopfler but with an almost southern feel, or maybe Zep’s Black Mountain Side.
7. * (4:03) Laidback, pretty guitar work (almost sounds like a version of Stagger Lee) but quick, driving drums and sometimes ominous backing guitar and effects vary things up a bit. Goes from Sunday back-porch playing around to haunting mood piece, especially :45 until the end
8. (2:49) Slow, sad, steady, haunting piano piece. Very nicely done. Strings towards the end (somewhat unnecessary, but not bad).
9. * # (4:10) Very nice: simple and sad. Acoustic and electric guitars for intro. Then both acoustic: fast, energetic, expectant until vocals at 3:15. Vocals: usually soft and sweet, strong, passionate in a tasteful way.
10. (1:04) Funky piano/drum. Cool little song, could be Tom Waits, would be great for a sound bed.
11. # (5:27) Another Waitsian number. More experimental than other tracks - starts with electronic sounds that resurface throughout – vocals faint, guitars prominent with steady drums holding the song back until 3:15 – picks up, Latin feel. Slows by 2:15, becomes calm, simple guitar w/ light electronics/drums. Vocals mostly absent, return at :34 for remainder of the song.

Track Listing
1. Mantra   6. Poor Listener
2. May 17TH   7. In Search of Skip
3. What Do We Call Love?   8. Cartography
4. Soon to Fail   9. This One Follows Me Around
5. Black Is the Color of My Tru   10. Big Elephant
  11. To Crave