Armitage Shanks / Urinal Heap
Album: Urinal Heap   Collection:General
Artist:Armitage Shanks   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Damaged Goods  

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Knock on Wood
4. Feb 26, 2005: Morning Glory ... Planes, Trains and Automobiles ...
Six Minutes
2. Dec 10, 2021: Traditions
Knock on Wood
5. Feb 22, 2005: The Devil's Collective
Shifting Sands
3. Jan 14, 2006: Hangtime
Drowning not Waving
6. Feb 20, 2005: Nocturno Oculto Roboto
14TH Floor

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
Super catchy, rip-roarin’ garage/punk that goes somewhat in the vibe of their mate, Billy Childish. The Shanks ‘ave been ‘round the block for awhile and put forth a collection of nice & simple Britpunk and yep there are definitively British - no fake ass Rancid accents here. Names like Rod Vomit and Dick Scum sanctificy their severe punk-ness.

((((1)))) Strummy, early Fall/Billy Childish pissed off romp. Excellent.
(((2))) (FCC 0:03-0:02 “cunt” said REAL LOUD and at the end of the song) Buzzcocks-like but with a Cockney accent instead of Mancuian one. Repetitive but mostly solid rant against some one who hogs the facilities at the laundromat.
((((3)))) Pissed off insult-laden number against “cheap reepov bostadz!” with a killer wailing solo in the mix.
(((4))) Mid-tempo punk/60’s garage band styled with some good guitar parts.
((((5)))) A strummy desperate tale about livin’ in a high-rise shitty tower block apartment. Lots of killer breakdowns & guitars.
((((6)))) Wailin’ guitars, basic up-down riffing & snarlin’ Buzzcocks vibe.
(((7))) Pretty good cover of the ‘ol Issac Hayes/David Porter classic.
(((8))) Very much like Billy Childish, early Kinks. Pretty basic and redundant as hell chorus.
(((((9))))) KILLER garage/punk tune. Repetitve? Sure but here it totally’s all rather pissed off sounding and the guitar are just vicious!
((((10)))) A cover song but I dunno who did the original. Sounds rather “Beat” era. In fact, it almost Kinks-like. Catchy as hell and filled with the spirit of ‘65 fer sure.
(((((11))))) Speakin’ of “Beat” & mid-60’s. This is a Who cover but I dunno the original but this one sound fuckin’ stunning!
((((12)))) Snarlin’, “condemmin’ th’ ol bloodee lot av ‘ya!” Right good Brit punk!
((((13)))) Nice cover of a 60’s R&B classic.
(((14))) Strummy, kinda fast & not-so-good repetitve filled with silly double entendérs.
((15)) Are singing about a girl named Olga Wright? Oh no it’s “All Go Right”. Catchy but not well crafted garage/punk.
(((16))) A satire of 70’s rockers Uriah Heep? Nope not quite-but it is a groovy little instrumental that sounds like it could’ve came out in ‘66 or so but not released until it wound up on some “Back From The Grave” compilation or something.

Track Listing
1. Drowning not Waving   9. Told You So
2. Dirty Water   10. Get Yourself Together
3. You Owe Me   11. Circles
4. Jack Regan   12. Dust
5. 14TH Floor   13. Knock on Wood
6. Six Minutes   14. Ladyboy
7. Hold on I'm Coming   15. Where Did It All Go Right
8. Shifting Sands   16. Urinal Heap