Various Artists / Swallowed By Machinery
Album: Swallowed By Machinery   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Fort Hazel Magic  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-02-08
Excellent compilation from Boise, Idaho label. Varied genres, can of worms, each track flirting with the out-there aspect of music making. Challenging, entertaining, interesting, home baked. The Deerhoof track is the most straightforward one here. Checkout the notes about every track on the back, too. Play anything, but if you ask me, the best are the more experimental tracks.
Start with: 4, 13, 14, 17, 6, 9 and for something more resembling a "song": 7, 8, 10, 12, 15.
FCC: 7, 9 (very end of track), 10(?).

1. Indie rock, mid/fast, jangly, raw.
2. Indie rock, short, slow/med creepy vox, jangly, interesting.
3. A slow, quiet Deerhoof number.
4. ** Experimental, instrumental. Chimes, bass, cello, beautiful collage. **
5. German hardcore, fast and loud.
6. * Experimental, noise alternates with synthesized gongs, both morph into something else. *
7. * [FCC “shit”, barely understandable] Mellow bizarre rock – heavy muted strum, dreamy hushed vox. Like a screwed up Radiohead cover. *
8. *Like a Beatles track gone horribly wrong. Really, truly, horribly wrong. Cool. *
9. * [FCC, can play if fading out the last few seconds] Experimental/sample art, industrial beat, weird synths, great. FCC “Fuck” at the end, kill at –0:10 when track fades out. *
10. * Hardcore, mid tempo, interesting, rich, wow. Possible FCC at –1:35, too screamish to tell. *
11. Collage of whispers, voices, sounds.
12. * Female lethargic dramatic vox over noise, percussion, explodes with guitar and electroclash and hardcore crazy! written before 9/11. *
13. ** Minimal distorted quiet piano piece, with crunching industrial samples, heartbreaking. **
14. ** Experimental, live electronica/rock. Starts with electronic noise. Bass points way out of the mess. Guitar finally joins in distorted, jangly tune. **
15. * Brave indie rock. Vox spit out words, monotone guitar, loud chorus. *
16. Noise, tower bells, loud. Ends abruptly.
17. ** Sample art, experimental noise. Synthesized sounds, hypnothic collage, something played backwards. Drum beat joins, a voice appears, dramatic guitar. **

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Lights, the I'm a Dangerous Snake
2. Fusaine Pferd Musik
3. Deerhoof I Hear An Echo
4. Lowbelly Violaine Moderato (A_Rad_Win
5. Zann Talfahit Ius Gluck
6. Darph/Nader Headroom Section 1
7. A Radio with Guts The White Trucks Will Ruin E
8. BENGEORGE7 Red Dress on (Lady with The)
9. Ene Crawly Wrongside
10. Encompass and Stalemate Those Stained Red Hands/Devo
11. Band From Bloody Elle, the Go Der
12. Department of Experimental Hea Bomb the Usa
13. Price, Mark Call Me a Quitter, but I'm S
14. Nels Cline Singers, the Have a Bitchin' Summer
15. G America World's Worst Kept Secret
16. Predictors, the The Suddening
17. Tempus Fugit Le Trajet