Dirty Pictures, the / Shuttin Out the World
Album: Shuttin Out the World   Collection:General
Artist:Dirty Pictures, the   Added:Jan 2005

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2. May 18, 2005: Strange Attractor
5. Apr 21, 2005: Megatron Marathon
3. May 01, 2005: No Baseball This Sunday

Album Review
Peter Porcino
Reviewed 2005-03-31
Dirty Pictures – Shuttin Out the World – Self Release
Reviewed by Peter 3-29-2005

Nice, laid-back rock that leans a little folky at times, but also has its moments of rockin’ from this local band. The tracks are a mix of acoustic and electric. They can be a little cheesy at times, but are good on the whole. Vox have a very familiar sound – 80’s prog rock or something similar. There’s a decent amount of variety among the tracks so check out the individual descriptions to find what you’re looking for. Track 1 caught my attention and might be the strongest; the last three stand out as well.
FCC on 7, 9
1. * 4:15 –Mid-tempo. Starts with sad, pretty strings, which return throughout. Whispered male vox at first, gradually stronger and harmonies. Song has a sad, minor feel, but also comes across as strangely upbeat at times.
2. 2:58 – Mid-tempo, acoustic. Strange male lead vox are deep, a little twangy at first, and sound almost country. Instrumentation is interesting (hard to describe) and certainly not bad.
3. 3:56 – Mid-tempo title-track starts with clear, ironic-sounding vox. Simple, acoustic, pretty song. Slightly industrial effect keeps repeating throughout – like a mechanical cymbal-crash – slightly distracting.
4. 5:31 – Mid-tempo, rock-feel (through drums) at first. Again, somewhat industrial-sounding effects throughout. Light, airy instrumentation in background. Song feels grandiose, especially next to these other tracks.
5. 3:57 – Mid-tempo, simple, straightforward, soft indie. Lead vox dominate but nice, subtle, harmony support.
6. 4:14 – Mid-tempo, electric, more rock feel, shuffling electronic drum effects provide foundation, piano, bass, guitar, distant voices, all layered on top for a chill (hints at an island-feel at times) instrumental track. Sometimes feels a little cheesy, but could work well.
7. 4:37 - Mid-tempo, acoustic, but with an industrial start. FCC in first lyric. Some nice lyrics, lead vox sound familiar and change the feel of the song towards… a more popular sound? Maybe more country even. Long (1 minute) distortion-outro.
8. 4:12 – Mid-tempo, very sparse, strummed acoustic guitar, clear, dominant male lead vocals. After a minute, the song goes electric and picks up. Decent lyrics, harmonies. A little repetitive overall.
9. * 4:33 – Up-tempo, electronic, electric piano, dance beat. Lead vox still dominant, harmonies are in the background but drawn-out. FCCs in background talking (“my fucking room” faint but audible). Some cool imagery, lyrics are good, interesting effect throughout.
10. * 4:34 – Mid-tempo, electric, dark guitars. Lead vox sound like late Floyd – low and hiding something sinister. Lyrics don’t seem to match sinister feel, but they’re still good and the combination works.
11. *9:27 – Mid-tempo, acoustic, bells, clear, prominent lead vox are quite good. Song picks up a little as it progresses. Song fades out after 3:30 (with about 6:00 left). Last minute of track is hectic, incomprehensible, conversations.

Track Listing
1. Whiskey   6. A Terrible Beauty
2. Human   7. Paper Boat
3. Shuttin Out the World   8. What If?
4. Do You Feel the Same?   9. Dont Give Up
5. Same Again   10. Distraction
  11. Out there