Brian Jonestown Massacre, the / Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
Album: Tepid Peppermint Wonderland   Collection:General
Artist:Brian Jonestown Massacre, the   Added:Jan 2005
Label:Tee Pee Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-03-04
Retrospective spans BJM’s 10+ year career. I know more about the antics and rivalries of BJM and Anton Newcombe than I do about their music. I think they'll always be that type of band. I'm still pretty ambivalent after this comprehensive listen. The songs which are a mix between 60s era psychedelia and shoegazer are pretty solid­noisy and fuzzy. I can dig the hazy, atmospheric feels. Lots of attitude and swagger as well. I used to think Newcombe was a British junkie (until Dig!) since he sings with an accent. I've been told that BJM is more of a live band, and I can see that since there's a tendency for the songs to eventually sound like background music­--something not so compelling to it all.

1. "Intro" with a religious/hippy cult leader rambling on over gospel and rock vocals. [5:36]
2. Pretty trippy. Shrill "who who" chorus. [2:54]
3. Sounds like Dandy Warhol’s "Godless", with the same ghostly feel. [3:43]
4. Interesting melody in the background­--can't make out what it is. Sounds like woodwind almost. [3:24]
**5. Nice mid-tempo song with nice drum crescendos. [4:14]
**6. More stoner rock. With a bit of breathy female harmonies. [3:59]
**7. Country/bluesy feel. [2:12]
8. So much fuzz. Layered vocals but still mostly indiscernible. [3:44]
9. Noisy. Don't even try to make out the vocals. You can hear how the vox rises and falls, which in itself is a pretty good effect. [4:30]
10. Smooth female vocals. Dirty rock feel. [5:27]
11. Good lead in. Pretty solid track. [5:17]
12. Gloomy, melodic. Vocals, in contrast, seem a little upbeat and poppy. [4:17]
13. Very sparse acoustic. Sounds a little like Robert Smith/The Cure. [3:14]
**14. Anchored by cool riff, and swaggering lyrics.[2:55]
15. Typical haze, there might even be strings in the mix. Lyrics again barely there, but you hear the lines "They will be done" clearly, ­which has a nice effect given title of song. [3:54]
16. Has an epic droning feel. [7:14]

1. FCC: Shitty (x2). A previously unreleased track. [2:38]
2. Really sounds a little like the song "Cars". [3:39]
**3. Drops the British sighing and adds a distant beeping loop. [3:29]
**4. Nice female and male vocal interplay, and downplayed psychedelia. [3:23]
5. Includes acoustic guitar melodies over a drum machine­--pretty layered. [2:28]
6. Live track recorded at WFMU. [3:29]
7. Another one recorded at WFMU. [4:18]
8. Double male vocals. Angry, scorned men. Bit of country guitars. [2:23]
9. Neat intro but doesn't keep. [4:09]
10. Kind of a redneck feel to this sort of narrative song. [2:01]
**11. More effective double male vocals. Funky mid-song freakout. Sex and religion "double entendres" [3:21]
12. What song did they totally "steal" here? [1:53]
13. Jabs at the Dandy Warhols. [2:46]
14. Another one recorded at WFMU. [6:26]
15. Male and female vocals. [4:42]
16. FCCs: "fucking bitch", "fucking". Another jaded man song. [2:14]
17. Harmonica laden with lyrics consisting entirely of "heys" and "yous" [4:54]
**18. Sounds cheaply recorded and real country-ish; from the signing to harmonicas. [2:15]
19. Hand claps, harmonica, and the occasional female join in. Another country track. [2:39]
20. Narrative song that starts off with him stealing a car. [1:27]
21. Ramblings for redemption. [2:19]
22. Opus for a junkie hooker. [8:29]

Track Listing
1. All Around You   20. Evergreen
2. Who?   21. Starcleaner
3. When Jokers Attack   22. Let Me Stand Next to Your Fl
4. Servo   23. Hide and Seek (Live)
5. Open Heart Surgery   24. In My Life
6. If Love Is the Drug   25. Mary Please
7. It Girl   26. Talk-Action= Shit
8. Sailor   27. Oh Lord
9. Straight Up and Down   28. This Is Why You Love Me
10. Anenome   29. Not Is You Were the Last Man
11. Wisdom   30. Swallowtail (Live)
12. Just for Today   31. Feel So Good
13. Stars   32. Fucker
14. Vacuum Boots   33. #1 Hit Jam
15. Prozac Vs Heroin   34. Ballad of Jim Jones
16. Shes Gone   35. Free and Easy Take 2
17. Nailing Honey to the Bee   36. Stolen
18. That Girl Suicide   37. Mansion in the Sky
19. Nevertheless   38. Sue