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The Trials!
I Think We Are Alone Now
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Slangin Rocks in the House O
5. Jun 15, 2006: knifefishhappyhour
Mess with the Best Undress T
3. Aug 11, 2006: Knifefishhappyhour
The Trials!
6. Apr 28, 2006: The National Congress Of Vaselines
Well Damn If We All Ate the

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-06-08
A merger all of that classic Bay Area hardcore/emo style made (in)famous by the kids Half Moon Bay & Cupertino. In other words, loud, fast, loose, raucous, passionate hardcore & heavy rock with mostly indecipherable vocals.
Remember when “emo” actually had some thing to do with punk & hardcore and not mainstream wussiness? If not, give this a listen.

(1) Short intro, minimal movie sample. SKIP IT!
(((2))) Semi-bombastic into FAST screamy hardcore. Nice breakdowns & drumming.
(((3))) A raw version of Refused + weird strummy moments, multi-voiced chorus. (FCC “FUCKING” -2:01)
((((4)))) Tortured vocals, lots of big guitars, killer breakdowns.
(FCC -2:03 “Fucking”)
(5) Scattered, too wild & unfocused.
((((6))) Mixes of Tragedy & Kaospilot, spastic vocals, multi-voiced chorus. (FCCs “FUCKING” -1:14 & 1:11)
(7) Fuckin’ Tiffany cover! Sucked ass in high school, sucks ass now!
((8)) Slow strums, builds to some chunky metaliiish riffing, mostly dull.
((((9)))) Gnarly hardcore thrash in 0:49 seconds. Lo-fi Converge worship. Nice!
(((10))) Straight up pissed off screamo h.c. , too much multi-singer chorus, tho’.
(((11))) Mellow then charging, catchy, noisy indie/hardcore
(12) Bookends the sample from the beginning.

Track Listing
1. Slickers Part Six!   6. I Think We Are Alone Now
2. Mess with the Best Undress T   7. Are You Guys Telling Jokes?
3. Well Damn If We All Ate the   8. Welcome to Bloodtown, Popula
4. Slangin Rocks in the House O   9. The Trials!
5. Remind Me Never to Stick My   10. I Sleep with My Eyes Open!