Bevis Frond, the / Bevis Through the Looking Glas
Album: Bevis Through the Looking Glas   Collection:General
Artist:Bevis Frond, the   Added:Mar 2005
Label:Rubric Records  

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Album Review
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Reviewed 2005-05-30
The Beavis Frond is one man band Nick Saloman from Britain. The guitar he uses is absolutely amazing. His lyrics are funny and poppy. He combines heavy rock with the lighter pop sound. And appears to have influenced just about everyone. I, personally, think that he’s genius. All of the tracks are amazing and interesting to listen to. Each instrument has an extremely complicated and beautiful melody to follow. The entire song is layers of these melodies so the songs are incredibly complex. It’s like listening to 3D music. Recommend: 1, 5, 10, 11, 14, but all are really amazing!

*Track 1/Intro: Truly an introduction by Nick Saloman. You own one of 500 CDs which are the Beavis Frond outtakes. Yay!
Track 2: Starts off kind of metal, lots of distortion. Fades into just base. Every experimental. Improvised. Nice blending of instruments. Between each large synthesis is a bass and maybe some instrumental stuff. Really gnarly guitar. Nice build and really skillfully keeps it high in creative ways.
Track 3: Comes in. Very lo-fi. Nice harmonies. Pop-rock. Sweet (in that it’s very nice song, not in the super rad sense).
Track 4: Begins very psych, elongates ends of phrases, about 3:05 breaks down into guitar solo, voiceover. Really amazing guitar solo lasts for at least 5 mins. Lots of singing is talking. Almost hauntingly lonely. 3 minute wind down.
*Track 5: Really nice lead in, I guess you would say it fades in. Guitar is more complicated than lyric line, but cool lyrics. Nice way to throw in high helium voice. Like usual, complicated but interesting guitar line. He just sounds so lost in the music, you get lost in the music too. In a good way.
Track 6: Much more pop. Softer. Slow and gentle, touch of “Early Riser.” The lyrics are so interesting, but so is the backtrack.
Track 7: Picks back up into high power guitar. Goes back to simple 12 bar roots but also really rock.
Track 8: Nice, lo-fi simple acoustic. Electric comes in on top. Really nice build and layering of guitars. Really awesome solo. Lyrics are very psych
Track 9: Slower, more electronic. Good harmony between guitars. Sounds kind of surf music-ish.
*Track 10: Metal, lots of distortion. Sounds a little like Hendrix. Crazy and intense guitar solos. He makes the guitars sing. Definite reference to Purple Haze.
*Track 11: More sixties, pop rock. Nice mix between cute lyrics and lo-fi, indie rock band. Guitars always hard core.
Track 12: Ode to electric organ. Really nice harmony and melody with guitars and base. Good drum beat. Makes organ sound like guitar.
Track 13: Starts out with soft piano then hardcore guitar and bass. Distortion. Religious reference in lyrics, but not about religion. Same kind of late 60’s early seventies, hard lyrics and strong guitar.
*Track 14: Tape from mom of him at 14. Most lo-fi ever. Sounds a lot like softer tunes. Good acoustic. Really different sound. Incredibly simple.

Track Listing
1. Intro   8. Mudman
2. 1970 Home Improvements   9. Song for the Sky
3. Now You Know   10. Purtle Sline
4. The Shrine   11. I Can't Get Into Your Scene
5. Rat in a Waistcoat   12. Soot
6. In Another Year   13. Die Is Cast
7. Express Man   14. Alistair Jones