Daft Punk / Human After All
Album: Human After All   Collection:General
Artist:Daft Punk   Added:Mar 2005
Label:Virgin Records (Modern)  

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Album Review
Princess D
Reviewed 2005-04-21
Daft Punk doing more of the same, only now they sound more and more like Air (the OTHER French electronica band), and they don't do it as well. Previous albums had a great sense of humor, here they take themselves way too seriously and lose all their charm. Heavy handed, boring and repetitive, with nothing new to offer.
I did like (in this order): track 2, track 9, track 6.

(1) Heavily electronic, medium driving beat, robotic, repetitive. Fairly instrumental, with robotic lyrics "we are human after all".
*** (2) Funky electro sounds, catchy and upbeat. Last minute is progressively faster and wilder noise and drumming ending in revving sounds.
(3) More rock-y, but still very repetitive. Cool at first, but how long can you sit through it?
(4) Hard and edgy. Whispered lyrics, sounds dark. Really drags at 5 mins.
(5) Lighter and more optimistic, this one moseys along in a pleasant way. For a quiet filler it is fine.
** (6) Harder base-line, spy-movie loop, noise, sinister sounding "i am the brainwasher".
(7) 20 seconds of TV soundbites.
(8) Robotic lyrics "television rules the nation", dark electro melody, typical Daft Punk "Around The World" base-line. Starts interesting, but too long.
*** (9) Spoken word about technology in a childish voice, electro background. Very cool.
(10) Organ intro, quieter feel, distorted one word lyrics "emotion", repetitive, droning.

Track Listing
1. Human After All   6. The Brainwasher
2. The Prime Time of Your Life   7. On/Off
3. Robot Rock   8. Television Rules the Nation
4. Steam Machine   9. Technologic
5. Make Love   10. Emotion