Monasteries Of Bhutan / Tibetan & Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan
Album: Tibetan & Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan   Collection:World
Artist:Monasteries Of Bhutan   Added:Apr 2005
Label:Forced Exposure  

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1. Jul 13, 2019: (with special guest DJ Diego)
Lama Norbu Guamtsho (Continued)
4. Jan 12, 2013: Music Casserole
Supplication To The Buddhas
2. Jan 12, 2019: acupuncture hour
Large "Mani-Wheel", With Mantra, Long Trumpets, "Throat Ornament"
5. May 06, 2012: Catharsis miss-informed
Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted (Continued), Prayer For Lama's Long Life, Aspiration To Be Reborn In The Western Paradise, Invitation To Gonpo, Long Trumpets, "Two Notes Prolonged"
3. Jan 24, 2013: The Sunset Life
In Praise Of Genyen
6. May 05, 2012: Catharsis: featuring Monkey Power Trio
Exhortation To The Guardian Goddess Of Long Life, Offering Of "Golden Drink", In Praise Of Genyen

Album Review
David Shaw
Reviewed 2005-07-01
Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan Sub Rosa 2005
Recorded in 1971 by John Levy, a British ethnomusicologist who embraced Buddhism and
was granted access to temples and rites in situ, so to speak. Strikingly beautiful, these pieces
are remastered and digitally recorded anew for this 2-CD set. Presented are large ensemble
and solo chants, instrumental rites, and everyday sounds (such as the tea call).
Faves: CD1: 6,9,11,15,16,19,20 CD2: 4,6,9,13,20 (Dr D 06-05)
(All track titles on back of case)
CD 1
Part 1
1.(5:40) Large ensemble vox and instruments 13(1:48) Vox only, lay monks
2.(1:22) Vox only 14 (1:37) Solo vox w. struck bell
3.(5:07) similar to #1 15 (3:06) Large ens. Female nuns chanting
4.(1:35) 2 long trumpets, ‘tea call’ 16(2:19) Vox only, female nuns
5.(0:45) long trumpets again. Interval between dances 17(1:37) Two shawms only, processional music
6.(3:05) Large ensemble, fast pace 18(3:23) Shawms, gong, drum. Processional music
7.(4:23) Vox only, slow 19(2:39) Two ‘Long Trumpets’ signal the end of series
8.(3:04) Large ensemble, measured pace med Part 2: Ritual Dance Music
9.(3:57) Large ensemble; drum break; metal sounds 20(2:57) Whistling begins, 2 drums, cymbals
10.(1:03) Chant w. handbell, done each morning 21(3:52) 16 dancers, all playing small drum; cymbals
11.(1:16) Vox only, 6-7 monks, interesting harmony 22(2:30) Chanting, drums, cymbals, shawms, trumpets
12.(1:14) Vox only, prep for spiritual instruction 23(9:06) Slow, portentous chant builds in intensity end 24(5:26) Large ens chants, shawms, trumpets, drums
CD 2
Part 2 Continued 10.(1:23) Vox only, soft, melodic
1.(6:38) Interesting pellet drums; no vox exc. way in bkgnd 11.(2:13) No music; crowd noises, chanting, laughing
2.(6:32) Large ens; long pause (2:47-3:02); quiet, moody 12.(2:12) Another public ceremony, with music added
3.(5:01) Large ens, no vox, one pellet drum 13.(2:09) Loud chants, exuberant, crowd noise, horns
4.(2:49) Vox only, 16 monks, melodic entreaty to Buddhas 14.(2:48) End of festival; bells and lg drum, chants
5.(2:19) 2 shawms, a folk song about sheep and wool 15.(4:46) Single monk reciting poem by Milarepa
Part 3: Temple Rituals and Public Ceremonies 16.(0:24) very short poem spoken by monk
6.(10:17) splashy, vox and instruments alternate in parts 17.(0:53) Pair of cymbals held and struck together
7.(3:16) chants and music very subdued, just drum until end 18.(2:19)a ‘cross-flute’, played here in upper register
8.(5:26) monks go in circles around the altar; vox at ~4 min. in 19.(2:43) Single monk sings another Milarepa poem
9.(3:58) Lute begins, monks come in at 2 min, melodic, pretty 20.(1:46) Powerful voice sings a travelogue song

Track Listing
1. In Praise Of Genyen   23. Lama Norbu Guamtsho (Continued)
2. Offering Of "Golden Drink"   24. Ritual Dedicated To Padma Sambhava
3. Exhortation To The Guardian Goddess Of Long Life   25. Entreaty To The Three Buddha-Bodies
4. Long Trumpets, "Throat Ornament"   26. Invitation To Padma Sambhava
5. Long Trumpets, "Two Notes Prolonged"   27. Rise Up, Padma
6. Invitation To Gonpo   28. Words Of Prayer
7. Petition To Chakchen   29. Tibetan Shawms
8. Invoking Tshetro's Blessings   30. Myule Drelwa, Calling Down Of Deities To Subjugate Evil Spirit; And Kul
9. Supplication To The Buddhas   31. Part Of Junbeb, The Coming/Down Of Grace
10. Aspiration To Be Reborn In The Western Paradise   32. Monks In Procession Playing Portable Instruments
11. Petition To Dramar   33. Dramnyen Choshe, Song Of Offering, With Lute
12. Prayer For Lama's Long Life   34. Dramnmyen Choshe, Chorus Only
13. Large "Mani-Wheel", With Mantra   35. Monks, A Clown, Crowds
14. Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted   36. Monks, A Clown, Crowds (Continued)
15. Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted (Continued)   37. And Instruments
16. By Nuns   38. End Of Festival, With Temple Bell, And Drums And Trumpets
17. "Tibetan Shawm", Processional Music   39. Wandering Ascetic
18. Processional Music For Shawms And Percussion   40. Chanting A Milarepa Poem And A Mantra
19. Long Trumpets, "Auspicious Ending"   41. Cymbals Played Solo
20. Peling Shachham, Deer Dance   42. Cross-Flute, Folk Song
21. Dramitse Ngachlam, The Drum Dance Of Dramitse   43. Another Manip Chanting Milarepa Poem
22. Lama Norbu Guamtsho   44. First Manip As Story-Teller