Adolescents, the / Complete Demos 1980-1986, the
Album: Complete Demos 1980-1986, the   Collection:General
Artist:Adolescents, the   Added:Apr 2005

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-06-07
Classic & raw, rippin’ ur-California Hardcore. The fucked up quality makes this actually more interesting from a historical perspective & this stuff is a blast to listen to whether it’s on the orignal LP or right here! Loud, young & angry-say no more!
((((1)))) Bassy, nasty, ugly punk rawness.
(((((2))))) Super catchy riff & chorus. Kinda Misfits-like.
(((((3))))) Classic So. Cal hardcore sound, wailing guitars, big bass, adolescent rebellion lyrics.
((((4)))) AVOID TOO MANY FCCS! It’s a shame ‘cause it’s a total teeth kickin’ punk f’n rawk tune.
(((((5))))) Cleaner sound, faster than the original & killer guitar tone. (FCCs “Fucking” sung once)
((((6)))) Spiteful, mid-paced, anti-So. Cal stereotype tune.
((((7)))) (FCC “fucking & “shit” in the first 30 secs.) Paranoid, no friends hard rock/punk vibe.
(((((8))))) Wow! Fast & loud severly RIPPIN’.THIS is why the kids rebelled in suburban shitholes around the U.S. in the 80’s
((((9)))) Rawer, weirder take on “Wrecking Crew”. Interesting echo, tape hiss effect.
(((((10))))) Hoppin’ mad, misanthropic hardcore with killer backin’ vox.
((((11)))) Raw take on one of their ‘hit’. Giant riff, catchy Dickies-like chorus.
((((((12))))) Super fast So. Cal h.c Damn, this was sooo fast for 1980!
((((13)))) Silly, bouncy, rippin’, surfy solo
(((((14)))) This isn’t D.I. (who’s version is more famous) and it’s sure as hell ain’t Slayer! Creepy, repetitive & classic punk.
((((15))) Mid-80’s hardcore (note the wailing guitar solo-how “metal”), spiteful vocals Bad Brains meets Descendents? Weird but good.
(((16))) Surfy, 70’s punk style, Dickies crossed with Descendents?

Track Listing
1. We Cant Change the World   9. Wrecking Crew
2. Black Sheep   10. Creatures
3. Browing Up Today   11. Amoeba
4. We Rule and You Dont   12. Self Destruct
5. I Hate Children   13. Do the Eddie
6. No Friends   14. Richard Hung Himself
7. Whi Is Who   15. The Liar
8. Wrecking Crew   16. The Peasant Song