Various Artists / Tomorrow Will Be Worse
Album: Tomorrow Will Be Worse   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jun 2005
Label:Sound Pollution/Mcr  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-07-05
V/A Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol. 4 (Sound Pollution)
28 tracks in 29 minutes of blistering hardcore thrash fun. Some punk sounds but mostly speedy short hardcore tracks. Many of these bands have a sense of humor and often write some goofy songs.
Voetsek (1-7); Bay area speedy hardcore with female vocals that are often brutal. 2. FCC. Fade in feedback with dramatic buildup into speedy hardcore with half spoken singing. One fuck. **3. FCC. Punk into in ripping hardcore “We ain’t doing this shit for punk points mother fucker. This shit comes from the heart. “ 4. Classic sounding short and fast hardcore. “house shows rule, house shows rule, house shows rule”. **5. Another classic fast and short track about loving water.
No Value (8-11) Fast and tight hardcore from Japan with female vocals that are fairly unique. 8. Great quick drumming and an odd squeaky scream into basic hardcore. **9. Quick and simple. 10. Quick punk sound. 11. Slow intro and somewhat catchy. The track gets quick for the chorus.
The Sprouts (12-19) Unique sounding rock-n-roll from Japan. It’s got old rock-n-roll influences and garage rock influences but it’s 3 times faster with screaming vocals. **12. Quick and surf-y. Great, chaotic and over the top. **13. Wanna hear garage rock on crack? **15. Surf-y garage rock but noisy. **17. A noisy Angry Samoans. 18. Funny and it sounds familiar for some reason. 19. Old sounding punk.
Runnamucks (20-21) Old-school sounding punk hardcore from Florida. They have always reminded me a little of Black Flag. 20. Slow guitar groove beginning. Very rock-n-roll. The songs then kicks into a noisy medium paced punk-ish sound. 21. Darker with slight goth feel. You can understand the vocals and the track stays fairly slow and raw punk.
Threatener (22-27) A bit heavier and faster bordering on power violence. **22. Super fast with great drumming. 23. Like 22. **24. A little bit like Hewhocorrupts w/ guitar solo and super short breakdown. 25. Some stop-n-go 27. Noisy to start into speedy hardcore with lots of screaming.
The Fasts (28) Odd mix of cheap electronic beats and hardcore from Japan. Seems like multiple track are part of this 4 minute CD index. Starts with 30+ seconds of cheap electronic drum beat, into strange punk hardcore with some spoken vocals and some rock-n-roll. Odd.
Good stuff. -mph

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Voetsek Keepsakes & Piss
2. Voetsek Emo Kid
3. Voetsek Hardcore Sweatshop
4. Voetsek House Shows Rule
5. Voetsek I Love Water
6. Voetsek Favor
7. Voetsek Favor Part Ii
8. No Value Funk Show
9. No Value Wrong Way
10. No Value By Myself
11. No Value P.B.
12. Sprouts, the Sensitive Minds, Senseless I
13. Sprouts, the Scratch My Beat
14. Sprouts, the Desktop Suicide
15. Sprouts, the New Addiction
16. Sprouts, the Back to Locomotion
17. Sprouts, the Hidden Criminals
18. Sprouts, the Sticky Kids
19. Sprouts, the Inside Microgroove
20. Runnamucks Clawing Back
21. Runnamucks Venom
22. Threatener Buried with Chainsaw
23. Threatener Pliers and Courage
24. Threatener Clouds of Teeth
25. Threatener Dogs Breathing
26. Threatener Hatchling Vulture
27. Threatener Farm Burner
28. Fasts Chocolate