Various Artists / Brody's Militia/Widesp
Album: Brody's Militia/Widesp   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2005
Label:Sound Pollution/Mcr  

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We're the Enemy
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Worldwide Genocide
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Deserved Results
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
Bad-ass Ohio backwoods Hardcore Massacre vs. Total Swedish Battercore. Who’s the winner? You the listener! Both are super-thrashing with Brody’s Militia mixing up Crossed Out/Citizen’s Arrest style whereas Widespread Bloodshed is more in the No Comment & R.A.M.B.O. style. Short, fast and FUCKING LOUD!

(((1))) G.G. Allin cover – TOTAL FCC VIOLATION!
((((2)))) Wallopping, bassy breakdown & teeth gnashin’ heavy hardcore. (FCC “fuck off” at very end)
((((3)))) Stops-starts more punkish vs. powerviolence sound.
((((((4))))) Holy Crap! Is this ever over the top. One of the fastest fuckin’ things outside of grind that I’ve ever heard.
((((((5))))) Punishing like a Bruiser Brody fuzz laden, boot to the head. (FCC “fuckin’ braindead” 3 times towards end)
(((((6)))) Seriously rockin’ hardcore with a little powerviolence. Poison Idea & Crossed Out?
((((7)))) Kinda metal then pummeling ultra-core brutality.
(((((8)))) Straight-up hardcore with another suplex of power-violence.
(((((9)))) Shouted trad HC vocals with more barked out vocals. A lot of rad variety.
((((((10)))))) Niiiice! Poison Idea/Black Flag on backwoods moonshine? Severely rawwks
(((11))) Another GG Allin cover and another one that’s Too FCC heavy. SKIP IT!
((((12)))) Ultra-fast R.A.M.B.O./No Comment frenzy. FCCs “fuck” sung twice that’s audible.
(((((13)))) Smashes, thrashes then stuffs ya in the trash.
(((((15)))) Short, stabbing & to the point.
(((((16)))) Youth crew attack mixed with power-violence.
(((((17))))) Brutal as fuck – Crossed Out/No Comment speed.
((((18)))) More of the same hyper-speed but with a few quick breakdowns.
(((((19)))) Pummelling & pouncing on your head. Nice dual vox. (FCC “Fucking”)
(((((20)))) Short, fast & loud (FCC “fuck you, too”)
((((21)))) FCC loaded
(((((22)))) Classic ultra-core wallop ‘ala Ripcord, Filthy Christiians.
(((((23))))) D.R.I. on pureé? (FCC “Shit”)
(((((24)))) Slow, rumbling bass then crushing, menacing blitzkrieg. Very crossover styled.
((((26)))) More crossover, wailing guitars, DRI-like tempos.
((((((27)))) Slap your ham to this uber-powerviolence.
(((((28))))) Totally charged like a rhino on PCP.
((((((29))))) Insane drumming (FCC “fuckin”)
(((((30))))) Kinda like D.R.I.’s “Madman”.
(((((31)))) Killer stop starts with incredible drums.
((((((32))))) More trad hardcore mixed with P.V.
(((33))) Just running through the motions.
(((((34)))) Clusterbomb drumming & wild riffs.
(((((35))))) Jumps right outta the gate & kills on impact!
(((((36)))) Minor Threat gone fast-core?

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Brody's Militia Hard Candy Cock
2. Brody's Militia Conflict Religion
3. Brody's Militia War Aesthetic
4. Brody's Militia Ghoul
5. Brody's Militia Brain Dead
6. Brody's Militia Let Them Eat Slogans
7. Brody's Militia Into Extinction
8. Brody's Militia Deserved Results
9. Brody's Militia Critical Human Condition
10. Brody's Militia Worldwide Genocide
11. Brody's Militia Commit Suicide
12. Widespread Bloodhsed Scene Drop_Out
13. Widespread Bloodhsed Revenge
14. Widespread Bloodhsed Emoslaughter
15. Widespread Bloodhsed Give Me One Good Reason
16. Widespread Bloodhsed Campaigning for the Destruct
17. Widespread Bloodhsed Leave Me Alone
18. Widespread Bloodhsed We're the Enemy
19. Widespread Bloodhsed Just a Fucking Hype
20. Widespread Bloodhsed Eat Shit for Jesus
21. Widespread Bloodhsed Shockwaves
22. Widespread Bloodhsed Friday 13TH
23. Widespread Bloodhsed Call It What You Want
24. Widespread Bloodhsed Out of Control
25. Widespread Bloodhsed Psychoward
26. Widespread Bloodhsed Sasquatch
27. Widespread Bloodhsed The End
28. Widespread Bloodhsed Addicted to Boredom
29. Widespread Bloodhsed Rejected (By the Scene)
30. Widespread Bloodhsed Computer Jugend
31. Widespread Bloodhsed No Sense
32. Widespread Bloodhsed Darkness Descends
33. Widespread Bloodhsed Chemtrails
34. Widespread Bloodhsed Weapons of Mass-Deception
35. Widespread Bloodhsed No Mercy
36. Widespread Bloodhsed Voices of the Dead