Kallikak Family, The / May 23rd, 2007
Album: May 23rd, 2007   Collection:General
Artist: Kallikak Family, The   Added:Aug 2005
Label: Tell-All Records  

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Album Review
The Bawd Of Euphony
Reviewed 2005-11-11
Believe the hype. This record has gotten all kinds of rave reviews in recent months (Pitchfork, fake jazz etc.) and with much reason. This chicagonians create organic experimental in the vein of Eno, The Books, and even a little like Gastr Del Sol.I will do something I rare do and directly quote their press sheet, it just sums it up so nicely: “The Kalikak Family utilize sound collage from collected field recordings, layers of nonverbal vocals, bursts of stuttering, breakbeat style drums, processed keyboard instruments, computer generated drone, and minimalist-inspired acoustic guitar throughout this album”. Beautifully creative music w/o getting trapped in the laptop box. Many tracks can be played on continuous PLAY –tHE bAWd oF eUPHONy

1* (3:00) Continuous keyboard drone with distant voice samples. Ominous
2* (2:12) Wet loopy texture with a pulse builds. Electro beat takes over
3**(2:42) Crunchy air sound, swirlies, disintegrates into lush keyboard drone. Very cool
4 (2:18) vocal drone into glitch beat
5**(2:45) Ah guitar finally! Beautiful solo acoustic, stacks a little. Real simple
6* (3:30) Low drone, bell tones open up to full church-like ringing. Some dissonance.
7 (0:32) quick field sample of trumpet
8**(2:42) Outside field sounds, repeated organ, cuts out into glitchy samples & chorus.
9 (1:14) Sounds like its skipping on a Japanese performance…
10* (2:42) low mechanic cranking, slow drone builds. Disco glitch at end
11**(2:54) Phil Collins beat. Glitchy. Krauty. Lovely.
12 (1:34) Glitchy with vocals and beat (Play tracks 12-15 straight. Real cool)
13**(2:32) More nice acoustic guitar. Simple again and repeated. (Glitch ends an continues)
14 (0:50) Glitch continues from end of last track
15**(1:22) More glitch from before, warbly underwater beat, some guitar samples, cool
16* (5:08) As noisy as the record gets. Vocal pads and field sounds. Goes underground
17* (2:02) Bassoon/Organ? Repeated line. Creepy and simple.

Track Listing
1. Organ Tuning / Surgery   9. Portland, Oregon Part 2
2. May 23rd 2007   10. Portland, Oregon Part 3
3. Second Phase   11. Portland, Oregon Part 4
4. Third Phase   12. November 22nd 2003
5. Guitar 1   13. Guitar 2
6. Bells In Bergamo   14. Miking A Drumkit
7. March 6th, 2003   15. October 25th
8. Portland, Oregon Part 1   16. Final Phase
  17. May 23rd 2003 (Reprise)