Various Artists / 8. Bombardiranje New Yorka
Album: 8. Bombardiranje New Yorka   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2006
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-04-30
Another in a very interesting series of compilations mailed to us from a Croatian label. Remarkable in many ways as this not only includes very indigenous bands but (what the fug?) Al Perry from Tucson, Bob Urh and the Bare Bones and The Coffin Killers from New York. But it makes sense cuz there is a strong undercurrent of swamp blues low fi rock on this, as if Arizona and Louisiana somehow has infiltrated the former Eastern Bloc. Is that bizarre enough for you? Then check this: the highlight of this is track 6, a Croatian band that sounds like Doo Rag, or Bob Log sick blues, but sung in Croatian (!!). Followed next by Croatian dub-reggae. Exotic yet familiar. Strange yet normal. This is what hanging around KZSU is all about.

1) spooky Slavic sounding, almost stereotypical with organ and slight polka-folk flavor
2) upbeat sorta funky proggy feel
3) Al Perry sounding a bit like the Pork Torta, smarmy and not very “desert rock”, instrumental
4) another very very a-typical Al Perry instrumental, trippy stoney almost
5) I’d almost say this isn’t Al, its so trippy fuzzy and stoney rock, cool instrumental
6) slow doo rag’esque swamp blues, fucked up sung in Croatian
7) Croatian Dub Reggae. Yes, you read that right. Check it…
8) more doo rag’esque low fi folk in Croatian
9) New York band, swampy rock, lowfi
10) brief folky guitar, again in English
11) More Bob Urh, cool folky ballady, like the Velvet Underground, early 70’s Stones a bit, nice
12) low fi minor ballady, with flangered guitar strumming, the Croatian makes this really strange, cool
13) low-fi sung in English “I’ve never been to America”, comes across really strange, about not being allowed to travel from the eastern block, this is the shit
14) simple blues, Croatian style. Yes, apparently they get the blues there too
15) folky ballady, fem back-vocs
16) definitely an eastern folky flare, waltzy gypsy
17) heavy hip hop rock beat with rapping, yes rapping…
18) electro disco techno feel
19-20) pretty airy downtempo feel, female vocs in Croatian, poppy and interesting
21) New York surf band, good raucious stuff, instrumental
22) more of the New York surf band, this one has a western theme, twang for sure

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Fairuz Derin Bulut Kundante
2. Fairuz Derin Bulut Kacma
3. Al Perry Subito
4. Al Perry Devils Again
5. Al Perry Contempt
6. Lutajuci D.J. Zdena Bed Rok
7. Lutajuci D.J. Zdena Gospodari Sveta
8. Lutajuci D.J. Zdena Z Malo Reci
9. Bob Urh & The Bare Bones Graveyard Shift
10. Bob Urh & The Bare Bones Intro
11. Bob Urh & The Bare Bones Pretending
12. D.K.K. Zagreb Ponocni Vlakovi
13. D.K.K. Zagreb Never Been
14. D.K.K. Zagreb Bluz Za Sebu
15. D'pimpaci Cakovec Isfurator
16. D'pimpaci Cakovec Iskreni Slager
17. D'pimpaci Cakovec Ja Sam Hevic
18. Zadruga Zabok Disco
19. Nasice Elektrokardiogram
20. Nasice Sunny
21. Coffin Daggers, The Stella Vista '69
22. Coffin Daggers, The Sandstorm