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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-07-04
High end stand up comedy. Oswalt has taken the torch from David Cross, who, for want of anyone else took it from Bill Hicks, (and like Hicks, has appeared to have died) and delivers brilliant irreverent intelligent social commentary and comedy. He pays his rent doing some schtick on King of Queens TV show (I’m told its not so good). Ignore that. This is some hilarious stuff, recorded in one unedited take at the 40 Watt in Athens GA 9/27/03. ALL FCC CLEAN.

1) intro with slight banter
2) pot laws don’t apply to me
3) I watched a man shave his balls (and he was bored)
4) don’t lose a fight to a midget and other fun facts
5) America is being run by a bunch of alcoholic dads
6) bush isn’t stupid, he’s evil, a supervillian
7) when you buy a humvee you get shanghai’ed to iraq where you have to get the oil yourself
8) bush supporters who aren’t rich are idiots, state fair bj analogy
9) dying in Bush’s apocalypse
10) gay retards, taking the gay pride parade on the road, the deep south
11) we’re living in the “over-lit ages”
12) irony, ass raped by a rhino
13) brief comment on wine
14) we live in an alternate universe where somewhere else gore won the election, the twin towers still stand
15) his girlfriend is into serial killers
16) sex and the city and bloodthirsty zombies
17) I lived at the corner of mug whitey and stab whitey, Burbank boredom
18) crazy morbid Burbank Halloween decorations
19) fuck you liver! Improv’s with the audience
20) liquor advertising, battered chapped pussy
21) brief, poke at Virginia
22) my cell phone is racist (it doesn’t work in ethnic hoods)
23) Costco, no kids for me
24) great! Why kids who have “cool” parents become assholes, why its your duty to be an asshole parent
25) hippies have ruined everything, story about why you cant rent a moped in SF but you can one of those stupid three wheeled egg fucking things
26) classic: “if you were into 80’s metal guess what? Youre gay!”
27) poetry of porn, bad porn email spam deconstructed
28) brief, thanks to Athens then takes a picture of his drunk photographer
29) hilarious stuff about flying post 9-11 then commentary about British game shows vs US
30) touring Dublin, Guinness, ugly Americans
31) America is like a retard with a trust fund and nuclear weapons, “I want Disney in Paris!!”
32) “every time you eat a steak a hippie’s hacky sack goes down the sewer”, Hostile Black Angus promo campaign

1) self intro w/ audience, good comment on “safe” comedians
2) open mic’s of the 80’s, rendition of “Dr Pepper” in Toronto, junkie off the street who nods off
3) Cookie Jar, old Vegas crazy guy
4) Vegas shithole casinos, Soldier of Fortune convention, morbidly obese gun nuts
5) Hot Pockets(!), Nutter Butters!
6) audience banter, requests
7) Amsterdam travel stories, joint rolled by Viking Queen, “who the fuck is gonna smuggle anything into Amsterdam?”
8) TiVO! Is like a child
9) audience requests, banter
10) Slowed down Alvin and Chipmunks Death Metal Christmas
11) audience requests, banter
12) his girlfriend is hot, she must be a spy, a sweet ode to the insecurity of us men
13) working for an over the top porno mag as “just a job”
14) more audience banter, requests
15) Michael Jackson as a trend setter not just a child molestor
16) audience appreciation, requests banter
17) Paas mafia’esque monopoly on Easter Egg coloring
18) story about a guy on Virginia TV who did his own ice cream commercials
19) similar to previous, another story
20) deconstructs those stupid tv commercials that exploit a bickering married couple
21) audience appreciation banter
22) hilarious about movie producer Robert Evans doing ESPN promo spots, 70’s coke partying fiend

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