Lakatos, Bela & The Gypsy Youth Project / Introducing Bela Lakatos & Gypsy Youth Project

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2007-01-05
Lakatos, Bela & the Gypsy Youth Project – Introducing…
Reviewed by Sadie O., 12/13/06
Hungarian Romany roots music – mostly vocals and percussion with a smattering of guitar/mandolin, often with the feel of a carousing song. Undertaken to preserve and perpetuate the rural music, done with a great deal of spirit and exhuberance. Many vocals are almost like skat singing – and check out the vocalized basslines on some tracks. Booklet has English translations, which are VERY weird.
No FCCs (all in Romany). I like 10 and 14 best.
1. **starts with solo whistling, then acoustic guitar etc. Jaunty midtempo bounce, almost a polka, pretty vocals, wedding song.
2. ***slow hand drums, solo female vocals, fun vocalized bassline. Simple, happy song. Gains speed over repetitions
3. **uptempo mandolins, mostly male chorus, solo female vocals. Happy and goofy song (but read the translated lyrics – yikes!)
4. *emotional solo male vocals, guitars and choral backing, no beat, quite intense hard times song.
5. **solo male vocals, then upbeat guitar and mandolin, song celebrating a son, very happy and a bit jazzy.
6. ***hand drums, male vocals, and vocalized bassline, great sound, rather awful lyrics, but at least they’re in Romany…
7. ***uptempo ditty with lots of vocals and mandolins, love song, big and joyous.
8. *solo male vocal and guitar, emotional lament, no beat.
9. **jaunty midtempo guitar and mandolins, has the feel of a line dance. Pretty harmonies, song about hardship.
10. ****solo male vocals, then upbeat guitar, unrequited love song (rather happy sounding for that, but whaddayagonnado), builds in speed and energy. Almost skat singing by the end.
11. **obviously happy male vocals and a bit of mandolin (check the lyric translation – nuts!)
12. *pretty low-key female vocals, beautiful and emotional, almost a hymn (in praise of a mother.)
13. ***solo male vocals, then vocalized basslines, no other instruments. Fun sound – song about nothinig much, really.
14. ****uptempo romp with acoustic guitar and lots of vocals, drinking and celebrating song. Crazy bit of vocal interchange, then a nice bit of something that might be a hurdy-gurdy.
15. ***upbeat and uptempo, more truly bizarre lyrics, but it sounds really fun. Rather manic, hyperactive polka feel, nice variety of vocals.

Track Listing
1. O Bijav   8. Korkorro Som
2. Pal O Foro   9. Del O Brishind...
3. Lina   10. Bilako Na Zhuvau
4. Shun Athe Mura Dola   11. Patave Baxtale
5. Muro Shavo Kiki   12. Puter Mama
6. Geri Romnji   13. Dimo
7. Autar Manca   14. Na Sutyom
  15. Po Drom