Various Artists / Green Zone: Indoor Collection
Album: Green Zone: Indoor Collection   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2006
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-07-13
A decent collection of electronic, hip-hop, dub and funk from our favorite Balkan exporter o’ sound: Croatia. Some chilled out stuff, some dancey stuff and a few noisey bits here & there.

((((1)))) Loose, bouncy then distorted and slightly chaotic noise breakbeat thing.
((((2)))) Jet engine splayed dub. Trippy and odd but interesting.
(((3))) Sparse dub/funk with some random nutter doing vocals over it. Annoying but also amusing in how wacked out it is.
(((4))) Fast-ish, slinky techno, unused Japanese animation soundtrack thingy.
(((5))) Techno dub with a bunch of bass & samples. Not bad but kinda “there”.
(((6))) Fairly slick, dub-step/breakbeat with French vocals.
((7)) Clicky beats with early 90’s hip-hop horn sample/breaks and slowed down vocals. Annoyingly repetitive.
(((8))) Epic dub with vocoder (?) and some buggy sounding guitar bits.
((9)) Latin percussion & “smooth” electro-funk. Would work well in a cheesy video game or movie but not so much here.
((10)) Spotty trip-hop with repetitive breaks/beats and some guy babbling about being a “Soul Maaan!”
((11)) Slow, jazzy dub-hop. Good beats, so-so vocals. Gets boring pretty quick.
(((12))) Odd-metered, chopped up sci-fi, electro-funk via electro-industrial. Kinda works with the not really there vocal track
(((13))) Chilled out, super-minimal dub.
((14)) Early 90’s hip-hop with a touch of funk. Conceptually not bad but musically generic.
(((15))) Pretty good mix of bouncy beats, strings and random breaks.
(((16))) Bass-y mix of post-punk and modern electronic sounds. Pretty interesting when they’re put together.
(((17))) Straight ahead, lo-fi rock n’ roll. Totally out of place but interesting.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Yang K Hose Intro With Yangsta - Saharosa - Dishwasher
2. Pendeho, Harry X Livin
3. Pendeho, Harry Damn Brown
4. Trafostations Ex Ex Ex Ex
5. Trafostations Lost Touch
6. French Connection La Posh
7. French Connection Ny
8. Veeduke King Size
9. Veeduke Writeoffs
10. El Dj Fra Ze A Men
11. El Dj Fra Ze Mr Music Lover
12. Herbert, Trevor Young Man
13. Herbert, Trevor My Life
14. Xxx Captain Galaxy
15. Xxx Federal
16. Green Fandango California
17. Green Fandango F&A