Various Artists / Soluble Fish
Album: Soluble Fish   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994

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Out in the Kitchen

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Phoaming Edison Stencil Queen
2. Thinking Fellers Union Local 2 Out in the Kitchen
3. Kicking Giant Songbird
4. Caroliner Rear End Hernia Puppet Show
5. Uncle Wiggly Eleanor's Pizza Party
6. Sun City Girls Flesh Balloons of Tibet
7. Sleepyhead Fortunate Son
8. Happy Cat We Fuck You Like Superman
9. Dumbhead Dead Bugs
10. Unrest Green
11. Beat Happening What's Important
12. Barbara Manning & Mad V. Dog Baby We're Really in Love
13. Dogbowl Low Brown Clouds
14. Fly Ashtray Snack Bar
15. Fire in the Kitchen Seventh Wonder
16. Empty Box Burn
17. Jane Martin & Nathaniel Knight What that Means
18. Gashounds Delirium
19. Smack Dab Worrying My Eyes Red
20. Spawnbath Dark Olive
21. Gamma Rays Hotel Song
22. Zomboys, the La Noche Del Esperanto
23. Waldo Jeffries The Inside Song
24. Wall Drug Twinkle