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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2007
Label:Rampage Music, Llc.  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-02-17
V/A -- Rampage Recordings Comp.

Spazzy Arty Math Rock. Comp of bands off of Chicago art rock / noisy experimental label that vary between the piercingly abrasive noisey tracks, straight art-math, and chill, well-made post-rock. I like the tracks by “French Band,” which sounds like Ent, and also “Bird Names,” which pulls off the many-member experimental-somethingorother well. FCCs: #18, 19. Picks: 22, 25, 26, 10, 12, 4, 5, 9, 13, 23

1. Mathy rock with art-rock vocals and heavy guitars. [2:34]

*2. Shrill & howling harpy guitar and female vocals. [0:55]

3. Riot girl-y arty vocals with angular guitars. [0:49]

**4. Very nice insistent instrumental track with guitar/drum/bass. [2:28]

**5. Another great instrumental, awesome loud/quiet arcs and guitar. [5:00]

6. More noisy howling, like someone is definitely getting murdered. [1:02]

7. Speaky-screamy female vocals with distorted noise and loud drums. [1:08]

8. Shouting distorted female vocals and loud rock. Erase Errata-y. [1:01]

**9. Dancy Keyboard noise-pop-rock, the Rapture as a Load band. [1:55]

**10. Cricket-screech noise alt-rock with relatively straight-sung male art vocals. Everyone joins in for the sing-songy chorus. [4:24]

11. Horn-led noisy instruments, with experimental indie-folk type vocals. [2:58]

**12. Acoustic guitar plucking moves into fun fuzzy guitar with melodic guitar line and keyboard and rounds of male and female vocals. [4:00]

**13. Heavily distorted electoclashy noise & vocals. [1:44]

14. Art keyboard and vocals. Not that amazing. [2:41]

15. Same band as last track and similarly unimpressive art-alt-rock. [2:32]

16. Lo-fi multi-instrument all-at-once unparseable sludge of sound. [3:58]

17. Loud Strings + Drum spazzy instrumental with 30 second fake ending. [2:28]

18. Dance-noise with distorted guitar and keyboard sounds and strained male vocals. [3:04] FCC Unclean

19. Same band as #18, abrasive yet danceable. [3:28] FCC Unclean

20. Screamy HxC/noise vocals. [0:40]

21. More high-pitched shrill howly screamy female vocals. [0:40]

***22. What-the-fuck- film/big band intro leads into bizarre and delightful bugga-bugga grunting noise reminiscent of the craziness of Hanatarash, juxtaposed with skit-skat and keyboard. [1:38]

**23. Some outer space electroclash and spazzy monster vocals. [1:46]

24. Very abrasive industrial white noise and screaming a la Bastard Noise. [0:44]

***25. Really good melodic acapella singing -- lead sounds like more controlled Antony and the Johnsons high sounds, with multiple harmony parts. Like a beautiful art school lullaby. [2:51]

***26. Piano-lesson keyboard with poorly recorded, talent show female vocals with heavy echo, and some creepy death-metal growl whispers. Very unsettling. [2:05]


Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Microwaves Magazine
2. K.K. Rampage Dick Wielding Devil
3. K.K. Rampage Sick Needs
4. French Band G
5. French Band E
6. Pseudo-Feds Murder House
7. Pseudo-Feds Panty House
8. Pope, The Give Pizza A Chance
9. Lost Robot Tree
10. Bird Names Frosty Moon
11. Bird Names Damnation
12. Bird Names Porcupine Is A Spiney Pig
13. Millimeter Dragon Coil
14. Wizie Skin Shovel Dough
15. Wizie Embroidered In Perditions Groin
16. Skarekrau Radio I Can See The Wind Blowing Inside Of Me
17. Power Trio Heather
18. I Am Smasher E.T. Rex
19. I Am Smasher Fuck You Mr. World
20. K.K. Rampage S.Y.T.O.
21. K.K. Rampage Mattress Staining
22. Shunga Outer Space According To Japan
23. Ntelos 2.5, 2.5, 2.5, 2.5, 2.5
24. Bad Robot(S), Evil Doer Calling, Willing, Deciding
25. Brandon I Don't Know
26. Johnny Rampage Kids On The See-Saw