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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-02-12
3-CD comp of all women making noise. Many artists are Bay Area, others from around the world. Diverse and laid out very well, plenty of gems. Some tracks are more songlike (ex cd 2/18 and cd 3/19), some sheer noise, some fairly improv-feeling. CD 1 is droney, CD 2 is more upbeat, and CD 3 is glitchy/harsher.

CD 1: Orgonauta Droney spacey noise, unfolds beautifully and somewhat simply. Lots of intriguing sounds that I don’t know how they got. Quiet for the most part, often eerie. Standouts 4, 12, 13, 15. Many tracks ends 4 seconds early.

1. Droney spacey noise, some grating violin-like dissonance, pulses of tones, and sitar-ish sounds.
2. Scratchy buzzy melody line starts, then drum with echo, then cello and violin, dissonant and pretty creepy after about 3 minutes in.
3. Subtly evolving soft space/hiss noises. At 6:15 left slowly gets noisier, with some beautifully subtle rhythms that almost sound like an earthquake in a kitchen with lots of pots. Last 30 seconds is very different – warped womb sounds, kinda.
*4. This one really sings and flows well. Drills, harsh breathy sounds, whirrs, test tones, buzzes.
5. The shortest and most minimal track.
6. Female chanting sounds with industrial-sounding distortion and distorted beats. *Nice* dissonance with the vocal line.
7. Synth vocals. A little silly but fun.
8. Quiet disturbing distorted techno line, along with peaceful spacey tones. Pretty.
9. New-agey though still a little twisted.
10. Fitting title. Sounds like a horror movie where there’s one person walking down a corridor, with a host of strange-bodied creatures thudding and scurrying around her.
11. Long ascending and descending lines – sounds like cellos sometimes and light sabers at other times. Ends 4 sec early.
*12. Spooky howling wind sounds that sound at times like saxophones, whinnying horses, scuba diving tank sounds, and terrifying screams. But it’s all really soft. Great.
*13. Accordion, chimes, strings, and electronics? Awesome drone piece, very cool rhythms with the bells-sound. Voice comes in for the middle third, and there’s a muted tabla sound throughout.
14. Spacey, high-pitched melody line with just two pitches and a beauuuuutiful quality to the sound – like irregular vibrato almost. A gorgeous warm swelling sound beneath, and violin I think.
*15. Understandable female vox in a round, give way to cut-ups of a cat purring and making wet mouth sounds, and solo female vox, then kazzoo and humming! Creepy and funny.
16. Electricity sounds, waves, thunder storm, frog/cricket, and electronic sounds with a steady rhythm.

CD 2: Upbeat, widest range of sounds. Best 5, 10, 15, 17, 18.

1. Rhythmic. Lots of beats, electronic, tiny wooden sticks, and drills.
2. Distorted electronics and voices, and kooky childrens bells. World sounds in second half. Scary.
3. Electronics, electronic birds, suction cup sounds, fat buzzing tones, some static.
4. Distorted tones fade in and out, test tones – maddening, droney.
*5. Cool electronic sounds, train whistle, accordion?, creepy vocals – “something crawls out of her belly, and she feeds it, something crawls out of her belly, and it feeds her – their mouths purse desperately at each other, in an eternal pout”.
6. Slightly psychedelic. Wind chimes, children playing, vocal sample about menstruation, police sirens.
7. Electronic imitation of a storm and crickets?
8. Accordion drone?, changes to electronic drone. Good chords (evil grin).
9. Best opening 3 seconds :) – a scary bog. Then a beat heavy industrial/electronic track.
*10. Awesome distorted, hoarse, high female vox!!!, great broken guitar sound.
11. 7:47 of slowly shifting, syncopated channel-play. Trippy beat.
12. Changes every 6 seconds between about 4 different themes. Strong beat throughout.
13. “Wide open space” –manipulated vocals, spacey, blippy sounds.
14. Very detailed/hi-fi musique concrete, of drinking sounds, walking, a crowd chanting “Rise Up... Hunter’s Point”... with guitar and some world instruments at times, sounds like they were recorded outside.
*15. Great spoken word over marching feet and electronic sounds.
16. Sample collage – radio tuning, test tones, phones, camera shutter, ratchet, etc. Good rhythm piece.
*17. Wild. High-pitched female chattering over screechy sax, various percussion, a string instrument that sounds kinda like a baby crying. Bird-whistles.
***18. “Takin’ Back the Noise” – all-women ensemble of Big City Orchestra. Twisted high-pitched chorus of voices speaking/singing. Great lyrics.

CD 3: Mostly glitchy/industrial/harsh, with still lots of drones. Most of these are best turned up loud :). 7, 8 and 12 are the most intriguing tracks. 11 and 18 the harshest. 9 stands out, with music-concrete.

1. Droney. Chill repetitive guitar over static and artfully spaced beats.
2. Glitch. Starts with just high frequencies, gets broader. Rhythmically cool, like electronic turntable scratching.
3. Psychedelic wash of laptop sounds.
4. Abrasive glitch drone. Funny electronic cow sound at 3:44 left.
5. Fast jungle beat, vocals. Deadpan vague lyrics.
6. Industrial wash, scary low noises with high-pitched freaky static/metal sounds.
*7. Playful glitch, most structurally diverse track.
8. Dense static tornadoes over a drone. The drone shifts throughout a few times. Last minute is jack-hammering.
*9. Live-recorded sounds, chopped up, looped, collaged. Intense.
*10. Soft for the first minute, gets more of a beat and progressively harsher. Complicated near-loop.
*11. Full on screaming, sounds like they’re smashing things, lots of very scary vocal distortion. Fucking good.
*12. Curious what the sound in the beginning is. Develops into a chill track that sounds like a full band – drums, acoustic guitar, bass, electronics. Sort of a mind fuck. Keeps changing tuning, ominous kids xylophone, keyboards, creepy.
13. Harsh beat. Too short! Repeat :)
14. Sit back and let this one snow you under. Glitch/wash/screech/drone. Distorted male vocal sample, almost clear, then a folky song majorly distorted over. Last minute is chipmunk madness.
15. Starts harsh, gets spacey.
16. Oh my, sounds a little like Emil Richards’ Stones at first. Big vibrating drone with interesting bell-like sounds. Head-nodding. Like some Experimental Audio Research.
17. The obligatory womb track.
18. The Miami Vice theme song gone glitch-core? Schizo. What *is* the sample?? Something “sex”??
*19. Test tone drone and a melody. Great break-up song (evil laugh). “I’m hoping that this insecticide works on you.” The le le le-ing that sounds like a sheep is great.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Aedria Hughes Moment Of Truth
2. Kadet Osc / Sec
3. Maggi Payne Recycle
4. Ava Mendoza Dirt And Meat / Muscle Sinews
5. Messy Ninah Loves
6. Messy Serene Violence
7. Michiko Kawagoe Propagation
8. Michelle Webb New Mexico 5
9. Cyoakha Grace Feels Like Dying
10. Dark Muse Plastic Footsteps
11. Wisteriax Lucid Interval
12. Cheryl E. Leonard Mongol Falcon
13. Big City Orchestrae Women's Auxiliary Dronebone
14. Alicia Wade Oh My Baby Forge
15. Merlin Coleman Pretty Little Thing
16. Fari Bradley Gathering
17. Khate Pinetum
18. Khate Ming
19. Rotwangsrobot Casio Flammeus
20. Christina N (Description Of) An Empty Airport
21. Passiflora Belly
22. Fari Bradley Comment
23. Meri Von Kleinsmid The Tempest
24. Analog Tara Magnus Harmonica
25. Cosey Fanni Tutti Wires
26. Ioioi Rendezvous
27. Choronzon Current
28. Nadin Katrin Buben Associates
29. Xyramat Beginn
30. A. L. Dentel Walk Among Us
31. Vyl8 Reformatorium
32. Elise Baldwin Heliograph
33. Hertta Lussu Assa Nosrun Sydan
34. Big City Orchestrae Women's Auxiliary Big City Stomp
35. Ioioi Annulla Mantide Innamorata
36. Jessica Rylan Untitled
37. Fast!Fast!Cash! 1:27
38. Cj Reaven Borosque Telekinetic Samba
39. Experiment Haywire Army Or Two
40. Gydja Bird-Of-Prey-Mother
41. Ava Mendoza To The Larynx! Metastasis
42. Noveller Signal
43. Blevin Blectum Stellie
44. Horray! For Old Timers The Finder Needs My Attention
45. Fe-Mail They Look As Innocent As Newborn Lambs. The Sick Fucks.
46. Heidi Mortenson Septembereel
47. Insect Deli Cracked Mandible
48. Kunt The Australian Korn Show
49. Priya Ray Mr. Ray Bring Us Your Sweets
50. Suzanne Quincey Dear Daniel
51. Leporidae Black Water
52. Solanas Orthia
53. Irene Moon Go Away Dreadful Creature