17 Pygmies / 13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus
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Artist:17 Pygmies   Added:Feb 2007

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-12-08
Long running Indie folk/psych band with usually nice female vocals. Plus a few instrumentals. Features Jackson Del Rey formerly of Savage Republic. Kind of similar to Damon & Naomi, Jesse Sykes or This Mortal Coil. Mostly good “quiet hours” music.

(((((1)))))) Very captivating sounds of accordion & acoustic guitar, slowly pedaling it’s way through.
(((((2))))) Gorgeous female vox, clicky beat, xylophone and general chill vibe.
((((3)))) Very stummy and melloncholic.
(((((4))))) Slow, minimal and breathy vox. Good use of space in between words and chords.
(((5))) Kinda flat, ethereal indie folk
((6)) Weird mix of tabla and overwrought vocals
(((7))) Typical but pretty good ethereal trip-hop
(((8))) Sad ballad, nothing super good or bad here.
(((9))) Nice guitar instrumetal
(((((10))))) Hazy, soft, psych-folk. Real purty soundin’
((((11)))) Like the most minimal 60’s folk/psych slow way down.
(((12))) Similar to #10 & #11 but with piano
(13) Kack! Heinous, overblow vocals.
((14)) So-so Beatles cover (I think?)
(((15))) Closing movie credits thingy
((16)) More of the same as last track, only more minimal.
((17)) More dramatic-like piano stuff. Nothing too interesting. ---Ragnar of Ravensfjord

Disc II is 13 varations of their song “Lotos”

(((1))) Pretty nice, trip-hop
(((2))) Minimal electronics, kinda sparse into a slight jungle/dub thing.
(((3))) Very minimal beats & female vox, some Native American sounding flute and rumbling. Interesting.
((4)) Kinda slick, breathy female vox with piano and bird chirps. Sounds better on paper.
((5)) Accordian, electronic beats shooting in/out of nowhere and some more female vox. Drags on WAY TOO LONG!
(6) Blippy, techno-electro for e-droppin’ fools.
((7)) Slow piano, minimalism & female vocals. Not too bad but again DRAGS the annoyance and repetiton like a mofo.
((8)) Fuzzy-rock-ish cyclical dub/trip hop thing. Again the repetition/annoyance factor is HIGH!
(9) Repetitive techno-dub gunk
(10) Techno-dub goin’ nowhere
(11) Glitch-dub lameness
((((12)))) Really good ambient dub, spacey and spacious and the vox actually work.
((13)) Argh! Track 13 is fukked up – I can’t play it!

Track Listing
1. Heavenly Intro   16. Bley
2. 13 Blackbirds   17. Heavenly Creatures (Prequel)
3. Tree Of Life   18. Lotus (Original Mix)
4. Get Out   19. Lotus (Dharma Bum 'n Bass Drop)
5. Cras Amet (Back To Me)   20. Lotus (Rainforest Crunch Mix)
6. Precious Hearts On Fire   21. Lotus (Notorious P.Y.G. Mix)
7. Lotus (Original Mix)   22. Lotus (Squeezebox Mix)
8. Water Carry Me   23. Lotus (Electropygmy's L.A. Adventure)
9. A Brief Interlude   24. Siren Lotus
10. 432 History   25. A Lotus On New York Streams
11. Lila Pausa   26. Lotus (Floating Petals Dub)
12. Ubi Sunt   27. Lotus (Call From The Minaret Mix)
13. Heavenly Creatures   28. Lotus (Beloved Mind Glitch Mix)
14. Blackbird (Lennon/Mccartney)   29. Lotus (Distressed Mix)
15. Arcanica   30. Lotus (Electric Mermaid Mix)