Antarcticans, The / Teach Children: Fear All The Teaching Of Eternity/The Doom Of Self And Nature

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1. Jul 06, 2007: Multiple Personality Disorder
Invention Of Faith For The Exploit Of Earth
4. Apr 07, 2007: Disordered Bloodstains
A.D. Slaveship Crop
2. May 10, 2007: Cognitive Overload
A.D. Slaveship Crop
5. Apr 05, 2007: public noize racket
A.D. Slaveship Crop
3. Apr 10, 2007: Into the Nada
A.D. Slaveship Crop
6. Mar 22, 2007: Fiction Romance
A.D. Slaveship Crop

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2007-03-07
Trippy jammy guitar centered instrumental rock, psychedelic and doomy altogether. All of it has a doomy dark quality sure to appeal to fans of Sunn/Boris collaboration, recent Earth. But the songs evolve and ebb and flow spontaneously, bringing to mind Acid Mothers Temple, Dirty Three. Good stuff.

1) spooky creepy washes of sound build until a searing guitar enters
2) slow to build with twangy guitar and slow doomy beat/drums a la recent Earth or Sunn/Boris releases becomes an epic driving urgent jam, falls back to the slow plod then builds back up to high intensity
3) trippy guitar washes, echo, psychedelic
4) more jammy, guitar driven
5) begins with walls and washes of strumming/feedback, unnerving intro that ends, followed by another slow doomy swing a la Dirty Three (sans violin)

Track Listing
1. A.D. Slaveship Crop   3. Invention Of Faith For The Exploit Of Earth
2. Escape Your Forever Thought   4. 200 Year Clearing Of All Peace
  5. The Ghost Of The Trees And The Erase Of Man