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Album: Name Is An Anagram, The   Collection:General
Artist:Crashtesttaurus   Added:Apr 2007
Label:Imp Records  

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Album Review
The Pittsburgh Pirates
Reviewed 2007-05-17
Very, very, thickly overlaid French sample based beats...mostly breakbeat and trip-hoppy. Really creatively done, lots and lots of creepy vocal samples (in French mostly), strange samples from all over the world and of course very dusty sounding drums. So overloaded that it is not an easy listen. The last track is of epic proportion, a soundtrack for the 2004 movie "Pigeon". All tracks interesting.
I found 2 and 3 didn't were stodgy. The rest muy bien. Extra points if you play all of the last track. FCC clean. Picks 7,6,9,1,8 and 10!! ("a listening experience")

*1-2:39) Slow start. Welcome voice. Mid/fast trip hop. Very vaguely middle eastern. Sudden end.
2-4:12) First minute is plodding. Double bass. Couple samples come and go. Loungy flute. Middle Eastern sounds. Fades out.
3-3:35) Slow, dark, feel. Looped fem vox. Last minute has lots of film samples. Beat speeds up towards end.
4-4:00) Slow, bizarre, chock full of samples, narratives.
*5-3:06) Harsher synth sounds. traditional dark dusty trip hop beat. Warning voiceover.
**6-4:42) Trippy backwards looped. Falls into trip hop with highly mutated Cantonese Opera sample?!? and prominent conversation overtop. A disdainful couple fighting. Ends with elements dropping out.
***7-3:59) Fast glitch-hop/breakcore-y over a dramatic movie soundtrack. Nice. Ends on bell tones.
*8-4:24) English voiceover. A radio broadcast of Martians attacking NY. Over slow, funky beat. Backward loop. Static, glitch. Ends on fadeout.
**9-3:24) Slow draggy trip hop. Voiceover a followup to 9? Beat changes up, gets faster. String movements, 70s cinema. Last 20 sec. silence.
***10-39:17) Fuck, I'll try to break it down into sections---

1 - 39:17-36:45) World destruction voiceover. Frenetic electronica/breakcore, TV mystery sample. Beat drops out.
2 - 36:45-35:50) Bridge to 3 really. Electronic beat. 70s funk guitar sample.
3 - 35:50-34:00) Lots, lots of samples from everywhere all at once.
4 - 34:00-31:00) Middle eastern flute. Dark trip hop beat. Sinister voices. Lots of talking in background. A phone rings.
5 - 31:00-30:05) Great sample of old French cabaret pop from 30s or 40s.
6 - 30:05-27:05) Electronic buzzing, classical music, 70s TV show music. Golf swinging, dogs, choral music....
7 - 27:10-24:15) Classic trip-hop beat with zither plucks, loop of vox.
8 - 24:15-22:22) And then everything changed...lots of samples, sounds almost like a conduction piece.
9 - 22:22-19:15) 60s organ, triphop beat. Mid. eastern reeds
10 - 19:25-18:31) African music?, solo instrument.
11 - 18:31-17:00) Atmospheric synths enter, sirens, low dusty beat. Voiceovers. Loud harsh synth melody enters.
12 - 17:20-16:40) Bridging to 13.
13 - 16:40-15:20) A classical guitar sample. Slow trip hop beat.
Fuzzy voiceovers.
14 - 15:20-11:30) Some dude's apartment fell down? Reprise of earlier samples, with lots of other stuff on top. Pop tunes. Wayne Butanesque sequence. Lists of authors, advertisements, quotes...African music leading into
15 - 11:30-10:27) Beat used on Incarcerated Scarfaces. Strings, listing locations
16 - 10:27-6:50) Downtempo beat, electronic section. Keyboard. Angry voiceover.
17 - 6:50-3:50) Quiet quirky sample, to string loop. Little girl singing. Fuzzy voiceovers. Children choral sounds.
18 - 3:50-0:00) Backwards loop. Sinister electronic sounds and voiceovers. Reports of violence by Algerian nationalists?

Track Listing
1. The Name Is An Anagram   6. It's Time To...
2. Toi, Moi, Et Les Autres   7. Extremecloseupsofnaughtybits
3. Starvoltas (Anonymousloopoflove)   8. Martiens
4. Painful Joys   9. Gestapo (Radioresistance)
5. L'interlude Vous Ment   10. "Pigeon" - Soundtrack To The Movie