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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-08-12
35 tracks of current doom, hardcore, metal, metalcore, and punk bands covering one of the best doom/sludge metal bands ever. EYEHATEGOD were from New Orleans, Louisiana and existed primarily from 1990-2000. They made severely drug induced, slow, hateful southern sounding sludge/doom metal. I saw them back in the early 90s and they were so fucked up they could barely stand but they still ripped through a great set. All of this is slow and heavy. EYEHATEGOD are back together and the band contains members of SOLIENT GREEN, DOWN, and COC. Most tracks here stay faithful to the originals, to the point of including the CHARLES MANSON samples.
CD1 1. Japanese, almost noisecore/grindcore band DOT(.) doing a slow slow, noisy one.
2. Lofi and pretty much instrumental. There are some vocals during the 2nd half of the track but they are so far down in the mix I almost can't hear them.
3. Slow and heavy, some feedback and vocals you can understand.
4. Slow at first, then speeds up. Vocals low in the mix.
**5. One of EYEHATEGOD'S best tracks. A slow, heavy groove and Manson sample. They leave out the Manson sample.
**6. Noisy feedback. Slow doom. Pained vocals.
**7. KYLESA combining their sound and EYEHATEGOD'S sound. Big heavy sound with mostly great female vocals. Trippy effects on the guitar solo at the end.
8. Feedback hum at the beginning. Something about the guitar tone and the way this track is mixed I don't like.
**9. BRUTAL TRUTH do their grindcore version of this track. Fucking great. Imagine southern rock grindcore.
10. Contemporary metalcore band trying to sound fucked up, southern doom and I just don't think they pull it off. Sounds too clean, like their haircuts.
**11. Excellent contemporary doom band, who have some influences from EYEHATEGOD do a super slow, heavy, noisy. The amps sound so distorted and loud that I swear I can hear them clipping.
12. Odd vocals and spit at you. More rock sounding.
**13. Just guitar at the beginning. Slow with multiple vocalists, one talking in an odd voice with the other duplicating what that person says, in the background, sort of screamed. Long and strange.
14. Hmm, another contemporary metalcore band trying their hand at a song and I don't think it works.
15. FCC (a vague fuck). The drummer from BRUTAL TRUTH'S band who are normally somewhere between grindcore and noisecore do an odd rock version of this track.
16. Slow and somewhat flat sounding. Choppy. When the track speeds up it doesn't work.
17. Multiple vocalists way up front.
18. FCC Starts with a loop of "you fucking piss me off". Sounds like southern rock on steroids. Heavy and fucked up.
CD2 **1. MINSK makes their track trippy and psychedelic. I have rarely heard heavy psychedelic music that is also scary. This is it.
2. Starts slow, then kicks into a lofi fucked up rocking track. Lots of distortion.
3. Starts with piercing guitar feedback. Guttural vocals.
4. Maybe the most disappointing track on the comp. I was looking forward to hearing this Chicago doom band take a shot at a track but there is nothing special here.
5. Southern stoner rock band bring the distortion. Track speeds up at the end.
**6. Keyboards that sound like Organs. I think female vocals. Sounds like a funeral march done by a black metal band. The middle of the track is mellow.
7. Multiple vocalists. Ends with what sounds like a sample of American indian signing.
8. Harmonica, southern rock gone metal. A clean vocalists and a screaming vocalist.
9. Bay Area thrash/death metal does a track. It's sounds halfway between EYEHATEGOD'S sound and their sound.
10. A bit more melodic. Sounds someplace between hardcore and ISIS doing EYEHATEGOD.
**11. Slow, effects on the vocals.
12. Keyboards, sample, feedback into a raw rocker. Ends quiet and jazzy.
13. Some sample about god, big bass, and speedy compared to the rest of the tracks.
14. Sounds live and raw.
15. Stoner rock sounding but with some pained vocals.
16. Lots of bass. Vocals sorta suck.
17. Acoustic guitar and clean electric. Country song.
Really good stuff -mph

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dot(.) Man Is Too Ignorant To Exist
2. Unearthly Trace Shinobi
3. Cable Pigs
4. Bowel Run It Into The Ground
5. Alabama Thunderpussy Godsong
6. Deadbird Children Of God
7. Kylesa Left To Starve
8. Rue Blank
9. Brutal Truth Sister Fucker
10. Byzantine Shop Lift
11. Buried At Sea White Nigger
12. Raging Speedhorn 30$ Bag
13. Unholy 3, The Take As Needed For Pain
14. Esoteric, The Crimes Against Skin
15. Total Fucking Destruction Kill Your Boss
16. Triac My Name Is God (I Hate You)
17. One Dead Three Wounded Dog's Holy Life
18. Halo Of Locusts Dixie Whisky
19. Minsk Raptured Heart Theory
20. Ramesses Lack Of Almost Everything
21. Mighty Nimbus, The Zero Nowhere
22. Lair Of The Minotaur Methampetamine
23. Sourvein Broken Down But Not Locked Up
24. Bloody Panda Anxiety Hangover
25. Mouth Of The Architect Story Of The Eye
26. Left In Ruin Southern Discomfort
27. Watch Them Die Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere
28. Ozenza Revelation/Revolution
29. Swarm Of The Lotus Blood Money
30. Ichabod Jack Ass In The Will Of God
31. Kill The Client The Concussion Machine Process
32. Sowbelly 99 Miles Of Bad Road
33. If He Dies, He Dies Age Of Bootcamp
34. Nain Rouge, The I Am The Gestapo
35. Unholy 3, The Torn Between Suicide And Breakfast