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Artist:Dielectric Field Recording All Stars   Added:Jun 2007
Label:Dielectric Records  

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Album Review
Soy Ricardo
Reviewed 2007-06-27
Great field recording/sample art made by a group of artists. Check inside where they list the samples used on each track. Picks: 12,7,18,14,19,13,17,10,4,2,3 but you might hear something wonderful in any of the other tracks.
FCC clean.

1-1:07) Really cheesy fem vox elevator music over nighttime crickets, faint chatter.
*2-1:33) Taking bites of an apple, sharpening a knife, and pigs grunting. More piggies towards the end.
*3-4:32) Hypnotic synth bell tones. Sounds like communication feed from space shuttle. Ends quiet, but interesting.
*4-1:44) Treated recording of Bach's Air on a G String, with background people walking in a mall.
*5-2:44) Sparse synth tones, chime sounds, water drop sounds, grandfather clock chimes, pitter patter.
**6-0:16) Door slamming, walking down the stairs.
**7-1:56) Liquidy, treated vocal samples, as heard echoed in an alley. Street sounds. Vaguely threatening...urban paranoia.
8-1:38) Distorted guitar riffing, backwards loops.
9-3:02) Ambient, hard-to-identify sound. Like a running river, but lower. Also periodic blips and faint billiard balls knocking into each other.
**10-4:15) Low rumbling and quivering signal steadily crescendos and descrescendos. Subtle variations in signal tones. Machines have come along. Shortwave radio with lots of numbers.
11-4:21) Nighttime insects. Glassy, swiping synth tones, and sniffling noises. Whispery throughout.
**12-1:05) Goopy sounds, twisted collage and splicing of vocal samples. Dark Wayne Butane.
**13-1:53) Police state announcements. Strange robot polaroid camera sounds. Protest cries.
**14-0:32) Sound of a toddler trundling. An ambulance in the street.
*15-3:14) Low ominous falling electronic line and super blended/distorted loudspeaker announcement. Develops a pulse, very faint Chinese broadcast.
16-1:30) Long held tones, a distorted erhu ("Chinese violin")?
**17-5:43) A creek. Slowly falling synth tones, like as a plane slowly passes overhead. And the creek sounds like it is being fast fowarded. Aural illusion almost? Cool effect. Ends with just water.
**18-6:14) Emotive violin. Musical samples. Elec. guitar buzz. More "musical" elements than other tracks. Distorted driving pulse, becomes pleasant. Ends with a church mass.
**19-8:27) Beating low pulse, a club three stories down. Sparse hypno/repetitive percussion. Found sounds come and go. Last 2:00 get VERY quiet. Creaking sounds around a room, and then nighttime crickets...looping back to the beginning. Patience required for this one.

Track Listing
1. Making A Recording... Go Away Please   10. Record
2. Crunchy Frog   11. Hiding My Breath Under The Snow
3. Aether   12. The Ultimate Scrifice
4. Busking On The G String   13. Section 409 Of The Penal Code
5. Bigger Fewer Smaller Manyer   14. There!
6. Fort Point   15. Keep My Waves
7. Where's U Cash, Where's U Wallet?   16. Megachile Pluto
8. The Dog, The Snake, And The Will Mitchell Experience   17. Rainmaking
9. Glacier   18. Intombe
  19. Goodbye T The New