Infanticide / Extinction Scheme
Album: Extinction Scheme   Collection:General
Artist:Infanticide   Added:Jun 2007

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-10-17
Ripping ”grindcrust” & death metal from Sweden. 23 tracks of rentlless ultra fast bursts & blasts. Very much in the vein of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and a little Gadget and Nasum in the mix. Like the forementioned bands this is all about whirlwind screaming avalanche tornando sandstorm volcano rockfall thrash grindcore. (Word to Mick Harris).

(((((1)))))) Getting your ass kicked in a scant 26 secs.
((((((2))))) Napalm Death worship, riffy and blasting.
((((3)))) Over the top, screamy, focused.
(((((4))))) Mixes grind and extremely fast crust with dual vox. KILLER! (No FCC ‘cause it sounds like “shazzstorm” not “shitstorm”)
(((((5))))) Dizzingly fast and intense.
((((6)))) Nice bass breakdowns and simple, direct riffs.
((((7)))) “Moshable” riffage, grind with a bit of groove? Yep and it’s works.
((((8)))) Totalt javela grindcrust/total fuckin’ grindcrust!
(((9))) Too screamy and but kinda steady, too. Not bad.
((((10)))) Great opening riff, explose into violent and deadly speed.
(((((11))))) Perfect mix of the low & high vocals backed with a killer riff and assloads of blast beats.
(((12))) A little TOO guttural.
(((((13))))) Midpaced intro and fast and getting faster riff that just slays!
(((((14))))) Wacked out megaton impact with the force of the most intense grind and hardcore.
((((15)))) Raw, fast & ugly.
((((16))))) Brain explosion typhoon grind
(((((17))))) Charging, anhillating your ears
((((18)))) Serious Brutal Truth fixations
(((((19))))) Another great opening riff giving way to a tempo that denotates like an insurgent IUD.
((((20)))) Guttural but good deathgrind madness
((((21)))) Never ceasing to tear it up. Killer breakdown!
(((((22))))) Napalm Death crossed with Avskum or Krigshot. Awesome!
((((23)))) slow, moody instrumental but still very riffy.

Track Listing
1. Attention Whore   12. Parasite Angel
2. No Fucking Way   13. Leeches
3. Do Not Think/Do Not Act   14. Brainwash Belief
4. Shitstorm   15. Snaran Runt Halsen
5. Extinction Scheme   16. Instituionalized
6. Hollowpoint Saviour   17. Defused
7. Xistence On Repeat   18. Sald
8. Brinnande Awsky   19. Plague
9. Misanthropic Approach   20. To Quench Their Thirst
10. Everyday Horror   21. Thoughts
11. Du Ar Lurad   22. Cigarette Burns
  23. A Turn For The Worse