Capstan Shafts, The / Consumption Violets
Album: Consumption Violets   Collection:General
Artist:Capstan Shafts, The   Added:Jul 2007
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Reviewed 2007-11-13
The Capstan Shafts – Consumption Violets
Lo-fi indie rock. Very, very much like Guided By Voices, a little less variation though. Tons of short songs: 26 songs, 28.5 minutes long. Altogether this isn’t Bee Thousand, but there are some absolute gems in here. Most songs are just vocals, drums, a couple guitars, and a dynamic wall of fuzz. I’ve listened to this CD more than 10 times this past week and enjoy it more every time. The picks are my favs, but you could pop this in and go to any track and you’d probably hear a good song. Also, apparently this CD is a bit of a rarity – it was intended to be released last year but was aborted. Instead Environ Maiden was released this year with a couple of these songs on it. If you appreciate lo-fi rock, especially GBV, you really should listen to this.
picks: 22, 12, 17, 14, 5, 2

1 - distorted…very characteristic of rest of cd
2 - a bit of a country hint
3 - prominent fuzzy guitar on this one
4 - little guitar solo to end it
5 - 2 guitars one fuzzy, one acoustic, builds to an nice ending
6 - cute solo ends it
7 - really soft, light guitar running in background adds nice contrast
8 - starts loud, slows down, and builds back up
9 - 2 vocal tracks running
10 - fun, sporadic guitar strums
11 - love the contrasting guitars, this ones a bit more dynamic than the others
12 - a bit of a neutral milk hotel vibe. throws in some random squeaks and noises. solid. 13 - just acoustic strumming
14 - one of the more complete songs
15 - "I don't try, that's why I'm not surprised when I fail" lol
16 - 2 vocals , some “oooing” really like the feel of the chorus,
17 - solid... fuzzy guitar makes a nice entrance… like the lyrics to this one
18 - strumming guitar keeps the beat
19 - prominent vocals
20 - solid backing beat
21 - this song sets up the next one very well
22 - love the yearning in this one
23 - nice backing crooning vocals
24 - quieter than most of the others, softer vocals
25 - very distant vocals this builds up the last track
26 - feels like a goodbye... “anymore!!!”
-Kyle Macomber

Track Listing
1. Flip Up Casualties   14. Right On The Malthus
2. 1/2 A Bottle And A Full Moon   15. Needs Were Mirrors
3. The Big Perpetual   16. Wonderful Closes And Wonderful Opens
4. Creaking Marriage   17. Trickier The Wisdom
5. Low Ceilings For Bed Hoppers   18. Death To The Martyrs!
6. Playing Doctrine   19. The Sun Is Just Another Place To Hide
7. Mosquito Net Worth   20. Champions Of Equanamity
8. Gravitational Pollster   21. Your Wasteds Are A Talent Here
9. Hope Grows The Molehill   22. Tackle Factory
10. Glued To The Flys Of The Hopeless   23. Fire This Campground
11. Cool Green Sinkings   24. Hey Interdiction Hips
12. She Makes Amazing Look Stupid   25. The New Descending
13. Wine Doesn't Tell You   26. Ginger Lee Stepping?